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Googlism comments

Lille is the "l" in one of washington
Lille is an award winning singer
Lille is a beautiful and
Lille is rich and its position at the heart of the marshes of the deűle makes it a stepping stone between flanders and the kingdom of france
Lille is situated in the north of france near the belgian border and actually right between paris
Lille is a celebration of the harmonious marriage of french and flemish cultures
Lille is by nature an international city
Lille is suddenly not terminus but interchange
Lille is a lively university town situated in the heart of north
Lille is a very historic town and was founded in the year 640
Lille is also
Lille is the perfect amalgam of the three
Lille is just one hour from ashford
Lille is the major commercial centre in the northern french region of d'ascq
Lille is an exciting major city of europe
Lille is served by 3 buses services and has a by
Lille is a lively university town offering numerous leisure pursuits
Lille is pac man here’s something you can download for your desktop
Lille is not far from the station where travelers can commute on the frequent rail service to paris
Lille is located at
Lille is a
Lille is an excellent
Lille is also an excellent shopping destination with designer boutiques and the massive 'euraille' shopping complex
Lille is a cultural
Lille is in the middle of some of the best autoroute networks in western europe
Lille is one hour from paris via tgv
Lille is the perfect destination for foodies looking for a spot of culture before dinner
Lille is just two hours from london
Lille is now just 2 hours from london
Lille is well connected by road to the rest of mainland europe
Lille is het aanspreekpunt voor nederlandse ondernemingen die actief willen worden in de regio nord/pas
Lille is gevestigd in een voormalig ziekenhuis
Lille is a city in northern france
Lille is generally a very mellow girl
Lille is a city which has much to offer sixth form business studies groups
Lille is easily accessible
Lille is quite small
Lille is handling the matter
Lille is replacing wim duson
Lille is fortunate to have many
Lille is also made easy
Lille is a perfectly wrapped white gift box – a nondescript outside housing a pleasant surprise within
Lille is divided up into districts and as you pass through these on your way to the town centre or vieux Lille
Lille is the chairman me jean
Lille is er de voorzitter van
Lille is
Lille is seen throughout europe as a hotbed of biotechnology activity
Lille is well connected with regular 'eurostar' rail services from london
Lille is the leading urban community in the world in terms of being equipped with an entirely automated group mode of transportation
Lille is a major tourist destination
Lille is in comfortable
Lille is a warm and vivid city
Lille is the capital of the flandres
Lille is no rustic backwater
Lille is a large city in flanders
Lille is considered as an
Lille is well located
Lille is developping a close partnership with the industrial world thanks to the applied research and also
Lille is the flanders's capital
Lille is situated in the north of france in the nord/pas
Lille is surrounded by some of the loveliest countryside france has to offer
Lille is one of the most dynamic areas of europe and
Lille is actually a type of maroilles
Lille is a member of
Lille is a dynamic eurometropolitan area of more than 1
Lille is a metropolitan city with more than 2 million inhabitants and 50
Lille is far from being exclusively urban
Lille is a member of parliament and the chief whip of the pan africanist congress
Lille is just a way
Lille is meeting all the friends i have made through the internet
Lille is situated a few hours away from brussels
Lille is located in villeneuve d'ascq
Lille is a place for trade and industry at the gateway to north
Lille is also getting better
Lille is only about 20 minutes away by a very efficient tramway system which is very easy to use
Lille is a large city in the northern part of france
Lille is also the economic capital of northern france and lies at the crossroads of paris
Lille is formally considered to be the european city of culture in 2004
Lille is well connected via high
Lille is franse haute cuisine met een sauce hollandaise
Lille is the third largest city in france and has an animated blend of things to do and places to see
Lille is available on request by madame demouveaux and can be consulted on
Lille is at the centre of north west europe which is in full expansion
Lille is becoming an important regional hub again
Lille is at the crossroads of northern europe
Lille is within easy reach of several major international airports
Lille is a very attractive shopping city
Lille is located in northern france
Lille is called locally europe's 'technical textile valley'

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