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Googlism comments

Lirin is often on his heels watching what he does and asking so many questions
Lirin is certain darosta is targeting him next for some great practical joke
Lirin is with the other ronin warriors
Lirin is like goku
Lirin is often overlooked when publicity strikes
Lirin is the daughter of gyumao and gyokumen kosyu
Lirin is his half
Lirin is energetic
Lirin is like a female version of goku
Lirin is kougaiji's younger half
Lirin is the only one who is any differnt
Lirin is running out of time
Lirin is not anywhere as concerned or informed about these things as arun
Lirin is unavailable
Lirin is absolutely devastating as he adds to deployment and movent to the ac
Lirin is there with at
Lirin is the "anti

Nickname Lirin

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