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Googlism comments

Lud is that it can accommodate slow thermal movements whilst remaining instantly responsive to transmit and share shock
Lud is a prosperous
Lud is the fourth son of shem
Lud is possibly the name of a ancient british king who founded a settlement on the current site of london
Lud is extensively involved with the daily management of the company's operations
Lud is known for his accessibility and "hand
Lud is
Lud is an ns record collection
Lud is being in a circle singing the "s&m man" out at lake matoaka
Lud is a horrific place
Lud is uncrated and placed in a position to raise for installation
Lud is a useful tool for the bridge or structure engineer to consider
Lud is the contribution of the laureate to the application of geographical knowledge to
Lud is listed as the eldest son of heli
Lud is "those persons who are not nobles
Lud is concerned primarily with social development
Lud is "to maintain and promote industrial wood production from suitable timber lands
Lud is the link through the town from hubbard's hills to the former navigation canal
Lud is arrested
Lud is the keyboard player in a band named rare medium
Lud is also pleased that manitoba environment has volunteered their assistance in training fiola on the operations of the water and sewer system until he
Lud is not practical
Lud is a very rare occurrence and of the 600 humans who visited my home this year
Lud is a prosperous port at the confluence of two rivers
Lud is easily installed during construction of the structure
Lud is only accessible via its associated receptionist or via the joinuser facility
Lud is on Ludgate circus
Lud is at the bottom end of fleet street here in london
Lud is connected with *information about health
Lud is travelling in this direction
Lud is because this is commonly how
Lud is no fool; he knows that he could never best hamanu in a physical confrontation
Lud is trying to use biofeedback >
Lud is our only defence against technological threats? they're all here
Lud is given a very prominent place
Lud is a data structure that contains information about the pending lu decompisition
Lud is threatened from the outside by fairy fruits
Lud is ranked 4 and has played for 36m in 31 days
Lud is ranked 4 and has played for 36m in 7 days
Lud is the Ludlingant
Lud is the same as the present Lud area of 258 km 2
Lud is also related linguistically to rad/rud
Lud is amazing
Lud is definitely coming this week
Lud is sustained by the business of
Lud is described in a3
Lud is celine dion
Lud is nagyon tetszett
Lud is awarded each year by an international panel of judges to the geographer who has contributed most to the international discipline and
Lud is being
Lud is interested in assisting community groups develop their skills through training
Lud is a disenfranchised philosopher king among many who rule their collectivist tribes
Lud is mainly aimed at mapping natural language utterances into drss
Lud is that the interpretation of Lud in an object language other than ordinary predicate logic is well
Lud is organizing the red cross blood drive at the fairway center on wednesday
Lud is being proposed to be serviced with a $9
Lud is oa correspondent voor het geldersdagblad tubantia
Lud is mentioned
Lud is essentially a piston
Lud is a member of my language exchange
Lud is my man
Lud is something of an eccentric
Lud is born on raakaa iv
Lud is mentioned as a canaanite town by thutmose iii
Lud is these days? i can't seem to find him anywhere
Lud is faster if you are not calculating error bars

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