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Googlism comments

Ludvig is swinging
Ludvig is a man of principle
Ludvig is one of the best
Ludvig is one of those special people whom one can?t meet anywhere at anytime
Ludvig is a cag
Ludvig is a serial women
Ludvig is an ambassador of croatian contemporary club music
Ludvig is bringing his homeland's flavor playing his dj sets as far away as new york
Ludvig is finishing a master of science in computer engineering from the lund institute of technology combined with a master of
Ludvig is trusted by
Ludvig is adorable
Ludvig is a seven
Ludvig is the only one of his family who stayed in america all his life
Ludvig is the site mascot supposed to remind all the new students that like Ludvig you might feel scared and alone sometimes
Ludvig is mascot of this page the site would not be complete without the ultimate scandinavian tv
Ludvig is the cousin of the many skramstad's who lived in the cooperstown area
Ludvig is 6 years old and lives in norway with his parents
Ludvig is boarding train to new york to take a ship to norway
Ludvig is not evil; he is good
Ludvig is a third
Ludvig is one of the best grills in town
Ludvig is redsable/white
Ludvig is
Ludvig is the king
Ludvig is still playing guitar in a band
Ludvig is now eleven years old and we got the diagnos when he was five
Ludvig is much too expensive
Ludvig is an affectionate dog who most of his time plays and teases his older brother dkch hanne's carl
Ludvig is himself a former addict and has a daily tv ministry
Ludvig is in charge
Ludvig is much more than a social
Ludvig is my great great grand father
Ludvig is cool
Ludvig is dark?s first enemy
Ludvig is 13 and in his 7th year of school
Ludvig is supposed to have planted some apple trees but few
Ludvig is #8680
Ludvig is #8729
Ludvig is now engaged to one of the dancers in chess
Ludvig is waiting for the ball right on front of goal
Ludvig is seven years old and hanna is five and a half years old
Ludvig is sitting up on the door photo
Ludvig is putting the boots to him and bill rolls over and tags in ken
Ludvig is just paintbrushing him
Ludvig is from the same family
Ludvig is listed as follows
Ludvig is thinking "mmmm how convenient i think i just found my human subject

Nickname Ludvig

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