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Googlism comments

Luminol is a relatively simple chemical containing only carbon
Luminol is a chemical that glows greenish
Luminol is a powdered chemical composed of eight parts carbon
Luminol is commercially available from several suppliers and relatively inexpensive
Luminol is to use dimethylsulphoxide
Luminol is generally used to assist in the visualization of blood stains and patterns
Luminol is to reveal these traces with a light
Luminol is that the chemical reaction can destroy other evidence in the crime scene
Luminol is toxic
Luminol is an organic compound which
Luminol is one of the most outstanding molecules that emit appreciable amounts of light
Luminol is mixed with a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide
Luminol is oxidized by hydrogen peroxide
Luminol is zwitterionic
Luminol is demonstrated
Luminol is the target analyte
Luminol is also widely used as a chemiluminescent reagent
Luminol is reasonably fresh
Luminol is used to identify blood that has been removed from a given area
Luminol is an extremely sensitive chemical for the detection of small quantities of blood
Luminol is a reagent which
Luminol is oxidized in the presence of dissolved oxygen
Luminol is oxidized to
Luminol is voor het eerst voorgesteld als
Luminol is very sensitive to blood and
Luminol is oxidised to the aminophthalate ion
Luminol is no more
Luminol is used to detect minute amounts of old or new blood at crime scenes
Luminol is applied to a bloodstain
Luminol is noncorrosive but is liable to cause inflammation through immediate
Luminol is available from
Luminol is often the
Luminol is taken from a ground state into an excited state
Luminol is remarkably enhanced by a catalyst
Luminol is also used in forensic crime scene analysis
Luminol is ready for use
Luminol is oxidised to the aminophthalate ion which is produced in an excited state and emits light on dropping to the ground state
Luminol is a widely used reagent in chemiluminescence
Luminol is oxidized
Luminol is a hazardous chemical and may be carcinogenic but there is insufficient scientific data to conclude Luminol is carcinogenic
Luminol is generally regarded as a selective probe for peroxidases
Luminol is één van de meest gebruikte stoffen voor chemiluminescentie
Luminol is oxidized by the hyrogen peroxide in a basic solution to an excited state
Luminol is one of the oldest and most commonly used reagents
Luminol is a well
Luminol is a compound that reacts with the copper
Luminol is used for the detection of metal ions
Luminol is a slight fire hazard when exposed to heat or flame; it may form flammable or explosive dust
Luminol is a substance that is chemiluminescent
Luminol is oxidized by the hydroxyl radicals
Luminol is sprayed across the scene because it reacts to blood by
Luminol is tracking reactive oxygen
Luminol is nearly done and i really hope to upload it this week
Luminol is in an excited state
Luminol is very efficient for the detection of invisible stains
Luminol is not as
Luminol is the most sensitive presumptive field test for blood
Luminol is a chemical that is applied in a dark room and onto a surface to detect any presence of blood that can not be detected with the naked eye
Luminol is often used as a light source after the excitation by different kinds of free radicals
Luminol is een chemische stof die reageert op metaal
Luminol is characterized by
Luminol is the cl reagent which is oxidised alkaline media in the presence of fe
Luminol is sprayed on a crime scene and subjected to ultraviolet light
Luminol is the best
Luminol is a chemical that glows greenish blue when it comes into contact with blood even traces that are years old
Luminol is added to it
Luminol is a chemical test used to detect occult blood when it cannot be detected with the eye
Luminol is readily biodegradable in natural environments
Luminol is instantly recognisable since the detectors malfunction
Luminol is
Luminol is the main component of a chemical spray that emits a pale blue light on contact with blood
Luminol is the tool that investigators use for this test
Luminol is a chemical that makes small traces of blood glow in a florescent color
Luminol is stable at room temperature if stored protected from light
Luminol is oxidized by the
Luminol is added
Luminol is accompanied by a striking emission of light
Luminol is not dependent on hrp
Luminol is synthesized from 3
Luminol is a fluorescent chemical that can expose trace amounts of blood
Luminol is the solute in this experiment
Luminol is hazardous so protective clothing should be worn
Luminol is legally and scientifically accepted in many states
Luminol is known as the most famous and popular synthetic reagent to generate cl
Luminol is sprayed on a stain then exposed to an als

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