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Googlism comments

Malaprop is one of the characters in the play whose name is indicative of her character
Malaprop is honoured to have received the cyber teddy award
Malaprop is the aunt of a teenaged girl
Malaprop is an absurd misuse of words
Malaprop is a character in the play the rivals
Malaprop is persistent in her desire for lydia to marry
Malaprop is a gtk based general purpose gui editor for gnustep style defaults files
Malaprop is determined to disinherit linda if she marries a pauper
Malaprop is being channeled by trixie zurbo
Malaprop is in the white house
Malaprop is telling them how beautiful they are
Malaprop is still as funny as ever
Malaprop is unabashed when she declares to sir lucius her indignation when he spurns her after she has revealed to him that she is in fact ?delia?
Malaprop is never without exactly the wrong thing to say
Malaprop is
Malaprop is upset; and chaos reigns
Malaprop is using a big official sounding word or phrase in a wrong way
Malaprop is 85
Malaprop is a woman alive to the world
Malaprop is referred to as Ďas old whether
Malaprop is a famous figure of fun in richard brinsley sheridan's classic eighteenth
Malaprop is a synonym for those who misapply words without mispronouncing them
Malaprop is all very well
Malaprop is a security guard whose life goal is to accomplish something
Malaprop is a famous figure of fun in richard brinsley sheridan?s classic eighteenth
Malaprop is alive and well
Malaprop is laughably ignorant
Malaprop is a lot funnier than what
Malaprop is a character in richard brinsley sheridan's play "the rivals"
Malaprop is played
Malaprop is a character from richard brinsley sheridan's 1775 play
Malaprop is probably the best known character from the rivals
Malaprop is not an example of naming a character for a trait
Malaprop is no match
Malaprop is sure to take umber

Nickname Malaprop

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