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Googlism comments

Manish is in the hostel office with his parents
Manish is seated in a corner
Manish is member of the editorial board for "concurrency and computation
Manish is one of three sons of a simple middle class punjabi family which migrated from pakistan and settled down in mumbai after riots erupted across the
Manish is cool
Manish is a microsoft certified professional
Manish is trusted by
Manish is a member of various professional bodies including young presidents organization
Manish is lucky to have parents like you
Manish is majoring in advertising
Manish is always eager to learn new techniques and do good work with the right people
Manish is one of the founders of microstrategy inc
Manish is also is responsible for coordinating development of measurement solutions for tv
Manish is also a computer wiz
Manish is one of the leaders of the firm's global private equity practice
Manish is responsible for a draft "users reference manual for theprogramming abstractions" by march 1
Manish is given the trophy
Manish is poised to make a major success in the automotive parts industry
Manish is ready with the scripts of three short films and one full length film
Manish is savvy enough to read the
Manish is on duty
Manish is responsible for opening up new business opportunities for telesoft in the carrier solutions
Manish is currently working for films that will be released later this year
Manish is a software developer in mumbai
Manish is a b
Manish is also an avid quizzing and crossword buff
Manish is responsible for
Manish is part of koenig's erp solutions team
Manish is also the man behind the oh
Manish is responsible for guiding business strategy and vision
Manish is responsible for the services
Manish is co
Manish is responsible for developing ip
Manish is right
Manish is going to medical school in a&m and we wish him the best of luck
Manish is
Manish is her regular designer; kareena has also been dressed by neeta lulla for yaadein and bindiya goswami for refugee
Manish is now sitting on a dharna with other students on the campus
Manish is no commando
Manish is designing for rekha
Manish is married to manju who is from banaras
Manish is one of the busier designers today
Manish is not in town to give them that touch of sophistication
Manish is an impact maker
Manish is a general practice partner and joined in autumn 2000 by merging his family firm into the leicester office
Manish is a microsoft certified professional and has worked extensively on microsoft technologies
Manish is currently working as a lan administrator
Manish is planning to work with henry to develop a web registration system
Manish is working with them in an effort to accept the number of people we have now
Manish is my hot favorite
Manish is also in constant touch through post
Manish is in his
Manish is consulted to dupontís protein technology international subsidiary
Manish is at stanford and aashish is in 11 th grade
Manish is studying in your school
Manish is the new addition
Manish is preparing for the civil services back home at ranchi
Manish is neil's older brother
Manish is working with princeton professors
Manish is an 'easy come easy go' sort of person and a very good cook
Manish is a consultant in sap at lucent technologies
Manish is a hot favourite 'coz
Manish is known as a hard
Manish is hesitant
Manish is an engineering graduate from rec jaipur and a masters in management studies from bombay university
Manish is so much fun
Manish is a graduate assistant in the agricultural communication services group
Manish is extremely popular among international celebrities and even models like naomi campbell have bought his designer wear in the
Manish is no crusader
Manish is too focussed on fashion to think of anything else
Manish is saying is that if you absolutely must use jpegs then you are going to need to do the displaying all by yourself
Manish is the director of marketing for my fatherís daughter
Manish is six sigma trained and certified and has worked on several change initiatives using quality methodology
Manish is afflicted by bone cancer but does not have the money required for such a treatment
Manish is the man responsible for revamping karisma's image in raja hindustani andperhaps now babita is hoping that he will work the same magic on karina
Manish is like me in that we did not see this aspect
Manish is very proud of the senate
Manish is battling for life in an incubator with life
Manish is asked to pay the rolf
Manish is proficient in linux/unix and the rest of the group has a good amount of experience
Manish is the babu moshai who is quite intelligent and fundoo too
Manish is specialising in finance
Manish is a combination of my mommy's parents' names and mommy's name
Manish is a well known name in the fashion and film world
Manish is the secretary of the tucson section of ieee
Manish is also responsible for writing business proposals

Nickname Manish

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