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Googlism comments

Mazrim is doing is important to help us take a closer look and rethink this whole era of the frontier
Mazrim is scared for
Mazrim is again chained
Mazrim is reluctant to mention any specific artifact that belongs to sacís collection
Mazrim is not safe from us
Mazrim is holding back some of his power
Mazrim is taim
Mazrim is a traitor
Mazrim is now using the local mirror
Mazrim is very respecting of
Mazrim is leader of the asha'man
Mazrim is doing what *he* wants to do with *his* life
Mazrim is sparing no expense to fortify his holdings in the ongoing conflict
Mazrim is teaching someone to be a mageÖ what did he do wrong?
Mazrim is dead
Mazrim is one of the forsaken in > disguise
Mazrim is one of the forsaken in disguise

Nickname Mazrim

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