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Googlism comments

Melchiah is held near the gate for the moment
Melchiah is the youngest of the six brothers
Melchiah is the youngest and weakest
Melchiah is a cut
Melchiah is a pc demo of the first few areas in soul reaver
Melchiah is kind of cool
Melchiah is raziel's brother and the leader of melchahim
Melchiah is with him
Melchiah is as hard to defeat as he is to look at
Melchiah is the first main adversary raziel encounters in the game
Melchiah is in trouble
Melchiah is roughly ten
Melchiah is a pretty
Melchiah is built from the leftovers from the texas chainsaw massacre
Melchiah is only still coming to terms with the development of my gift
Melchiah is built from the left
Melchiah is the first of many bosses you will face and special tactics are required to defeat him
Melchiah is extremely slow
Melchiah is now known as yaoiboy83
Melchiah is now on red

Nickname Melchiah

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