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Googlism comments

Memento is about loss of memory;
Memento is a great film
Memento is a movie to remember
Memento is an easter egg on the
Memento is loaded with surprise and suspense
Memento is very much concerned with all aspects of memory
Memento is about loss of memory; insomnia is about loss of focus
Memento is now a pbs
Memento is a great film;
Memento is delicately complex
Memento is a savvy comment on the queasy uncertainties of the postmodern condition
Memento is cut into sequences which
Memento is a brilliant work of classical philosophy
Memento is first truly hot indie film of the new millennium
Memento is a complex thriller of the usual suspects
Memento is a film where everything is quicksand; people and perceptions canít always be trusted
Memento is not easily described being as it plays backwards
Memento is a brilliant enigma twisted with devious delight
Memento is something like starting at the end of a book and flipping through it backwards
Memento is one of the best movies i've ever seen
Memento is the rarest of breeds
Memento is nicely presented in an anamorphic 2
Memento is a brilliant
Memento is definitely a flick for the dvd collection
Memento is memorable in itself but all of it would be to waste without a skillful ending
Memento is the water
Memento is one of the most unique "whodunnits" to come out in a while
Memento is "opaque" to the
Memento is flat
Memento is the story of leonard shelby
Memento is that it's a gimmick movie that resists being merely a gimmick movie
Memento is a meditation on the act of experiencing
Memento is an easter egg on the new dvd
Memento is the kind of disc that the term bare
Memento is a very challenging movie
Memento is the latest in the wave of dark
Memento is like doing a particularly tough sunday times crossword puzzle
Memento is brilliant
Memento is a technical and imaginative tour
Memento is still a mystery because the question of who
Memento is an elaborate
Memento is definitely not the kind of escapist fare that'll just let you veg' out and not really use your brain
Memento is a film that doesn't let down for nearly two hours
Memento is told in reverse
Memento is a story told in reverse
Memento is also blessed with a fantastic script and great acting
Memento is as twisty as it is twisted
Memento is a darned confusing movie that i watched five times
Memento is a perfect example
Memento is a film which distinguishes itself through its startling structure and hypnotic use of repetition
Memento is an intriguing and moody thriller that beguiles
Memento is the story of a man without the ability to create new memories
Memento is just as confusing as leonard finds it to begin each new five minute life episode
Memento is just one of the films that i used to illustrate my assertion that creative
Memento is truly a unique movie going experience from
Memento is one of those films that get people talking
Memento is one of the most original ideas in recent memory
Memento is not for you
Memento is drastically different from
Memento is its brilliant
Memento is the way it demands the active participation of the spectator
Memento is one of the most unique and fresh movies to hit theaters this year
Memento is dat het verhaal in omgekeerde volgorde
Memento is structured so that it's like watching the whole film through the rear window in the back of your mind
Memento is quite unlike the usual filmic experience
Memento is a brilliant movie
Memento is like no other movie i've ever seen
Memento is about fresh
Memento is a true original
Memento is a thrilling
Memento is in some ways the opposite of groundhog day
Memento is easily the most bizarrely original film since being john malkovich
Memento is a twisting tale told literally backwards
Memento is how nolan intricately weaves all the fragments of the story together by switching back and forth between black and
Memento is beautifully photographed by wally pfister
Memento is also anchored by excellent performances all around
Memento is a triumph
Memento is a very well done concept movie with an interesting premise that only gets a little slow in the middle but quickly gains momentum

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