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Googlism comments

Moldorm is a giant caterpillar
Moldorm is a relatively easy boss to defeat if you know what you're doing
Moldorm is within striking distance
Moldorm is pretty hard if you don't know how to beat him
Moldorm is next
Moldorm is a big worm
Moldorm is a big yellow worm with five sections and a vulnerable tail
Moldorm is a large worm that can be found in snady areas of hyrule
Moldorm is the last monster you will fight until you get to the dark world
Moldorm is the first boss
Moldorm is the boss of
Moldorm is straightforward
Moldorm is only vunerable at his tail
Moldorm is to slash its tail with your sword
Moldorm is a large
Moldorm is defeated
Moldorm is easy to slay
Moldorm is pretty much like the original
Moldorm is a giant worm
Moldorm is behind the green barrier

Nickname Moldorm

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