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Googlism comments

Morglum is the warlord of your army and therefore replaces the warlord described in the main army list
Morglum is your basic black orc warboss with the addition of immunity to all psychology tests
Morglum is thorgrim's family axe
Morglum is immune to psychology
Morglum is remembered is because he was the one that restored good to archaon he was the first light believer
Morglum is back
Morglum is a black orc lord that is immune to psychology
Morglum is renowned for his short
Morglum is surrounded by blue waves as you hear the words 'thoiiiiiisss huuuiahashn' mangara glows with a blue aura for a
Morglum is prepared to strike nuln and our counts bicker amongst themselves
Morglum is quite a handful

Nickname Morglum

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