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Googlism comments

Mortivore is considered 0/0
Mortivore is a card that tends to play out better than he looks like he should
Mortivore is better then sengir vamp at times
Mortivore is playable but suboptimal
Mortivore is there as a finisher and as a way to shore up your chances of winning the mirror
Mortivore is also very good despite others
Mortivore is a creature that i can hardly argue against
Mortivore is a pretty big sideboard card for this deck currently
Mortivore is just nasty if they pack it
Mortivore is a more important sideboard card than we initially believed
Mortivore is the only problem for the deck
Mortivore is best against creature
Mortivore is with the cyclops and dawn of the dead combo
Mortivore is ranked number 63 and has played for 3h55m in 31 days real name

Nickname Mortivore

  • Mortivore (Points: 0)