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Googlism comments

Mukai is credited with approximately sixty publications since 1979
Mukai is expected to contribute to this mission as an astronaut with a medical background
Mukai is also assigned as a prime ps for sts
Mukai is currently based at the johnson space center and is also a research instructor at the
Mukai is the model
Mukai is pleased to announce the first limited edition release in 3 years
Mukai is an usra research scientist at the astro
Mukai is in the training for this mission with other crew members mainly at the johnson space center in texas
Mukai is due to take part in the meeting
Mukai is a space shuttle payload specialist
Mukai is assigned as a payload specialist on the crew of sts
Mukai is making her second space flight as she joins six other sts
Mukai is the director of the japan project and asia/pacific project
Mukai is japan's most traveled astronaut
Mukai is the most traveled astronaut in japan
Mukai is a cardiovascular surgeon and holds doctorates in both medicine and physiology from keiouniversity in japan
Mukai is vice president
Mukai is the director of the stanford program on international and cross
Mukai is a former patent examiner at the united states patent and trademark office
Mukai is a old aquaintant from the flyfish@ mailing list
Mukai is the new kapiolani branch manager for finance factors
Mukai is one of four departmental coordinators for leap
Mukai is a payload specialist and the first japanese female astronaut to fly twice in space
Mukai is the laziest guy in the world
Mukai is an investment advisor representative of aegis financial and a registered representative of fsc securities corporation
Mukai is a lifelong resident of hawai`i and is currently retired from hawai`i planing mill ltd
Mukai is a planning manager for the maryland transportation authority's
Mukai is currently a research instructor in the department of surgery at baylor college of medicine in houston
Mukai is nationally board certified in acupuncture and chinese herbology
Mukai is a science astronaut in the national space development agency of japan
Mukai is an artist available through herndon fine art
Mukai is ready for another zero
Mukai is given training in cell culture experiment l
Mukai is ook curator van het jaarlijkse multimedia festival perpective emotion dat aziatische muzikanten
Mukai is ook curator van het jaarlijkse multimedia festival perspective emotion in tokio
Mukai is conducting brain and nerve experiments
Mukai is best known in the west
Mukai is an astronaut with the national space development agency of japan and has also flown on a previous spacelab mission
Mukai is miho's earnest
Mukai is in charge of taking pictures
Mukai is a freshman alto ii from vancouver
Mukai is a research instructor at baylor college of medicine in texas and a visiting associate professor at the keio university school of medicine
Mukai is a member of ieee
Mukai is
Mukai is director of the stanford program on international and cross
Mukai is now taking her turn as test subject
Mukai is scheduled to hand over control of the flight to the blue team of carl walz
Mukai is keeping her own country enthralled with her voyage aboard discovery
Mukai is the first japanese astronaut who experienced a second space flight in 1998
Mukai is ready to
Mukai is one of 31 recent high school seniors selected to receive a phi delta kappa 2002 scholarship
Mukai is currently the student council president
Mukai is about my age
Mukai is taking the hormone melatonin at night to test its effects on sleep
Mukai is so against sni that she helped her naglee park neighborhood in its bid to pull out
Mukai is"
Mukai is already married to solomon
Mukai is one of the payload specialists for this mission who will be a part of the team doing the life science research
Mukai is candid about the profession’s less rational objections to diagnostic accuracy
Mukai is not a boater
Mukai is originally from the united states and has 10 years of homelearning under her belt
Mukai is director of stanford program on international and cross
Mukai is a 1979 graduate of brown university
Mukai is unfairly attacking the city
Mukai is a longtime
Mukai is a partner at davis wright tremaine
Mukai is reminiscent of the battle over the trustees of the former bishop estate
Mukai is the new executive director of the united states tennis association/hawaii pacific section and christi robell is its new director of recreational
Mukai is a flyfishing forum writer's guild member
Mukai is helped into her seat
Mukai is a heart surgeon and her work on the shuttle was related to cardiovascular and nervous systems
Mukai is most widely recognize for his published portraits of beautiful woman
Mukai is the hrha’s rural health coordinator and its first paid staff member
Mukai is collecting acorns when he takes a walk mt
Mukai is the top player out of canada and is looking to carry that success into the college ranks
Mukai is holding a biological sample to pass on to hieb
Mukai is one of
Mukai is a payload specialist on the sts
Mukai is our office assistant
Mukai is the leader of dream
Mukai is the first japanese woman to fly in space
Mukai is as healthy and active as any 6
Mukai is a cardiac surgeon
Mukai is a foreign exchange teacher from ouchi
Mukai is perched on the back of a red corvette convertible
Mukai is known as an astronaut who have the best record of aviation and had a first experience of double flights in japan

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