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Googlism comments

Mydd is about the only place i've seen sanders over graham
Mydd is saddam wants to argue about the war with bush
Mydd is written in the python programming language
Mydd is da man
Mydd is opened; then with fread instruction every record is sequentially read and
Mydd is low on bush's chances for carrying new york in 2004
Mydd is apparently a high on graham for president
Mydd is very literal
Mydd is allergic to the hand soap called irish spring only that brand lol
Mydd is a truly indispensible site maintained by jb armstrong with heaps of data on american elections
Mydd is far more
Mydd is excellent on
Mydd is on top of this as well
Mydd is excellent on to
Mydd is updating like a mad man
Mydd is to vilify
Mydd is predicting that the war won't start until the end of the month at the earliest

Nickname Mydd

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