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Googlism comments

Necrocide is due for release in the summer of 2001
Necrocide is an intense gothic shooter where you battle zombies through five unique and dark realms
Necrocide is ready for the smack rock festival 29/6
Necrocide is this all this brom guy does? not hardly
Necrocide is developed by novalogic who also developed the game tachyon in which bruce campbell's voice is featured
Necrocide is possible
Necrocide is an action shooter with a gothic twist
Necrocide is niet meer
Necrocide is looking positively brilliant
Necrocide is slated for release in late summer
Necrocide is built on this foundation of an updated comanche 4 engine
Necrocide is built on our foundation of an updated comanche 4 engine
Necrocide is ranked 11 and has played for 6h2m in 14 days real name

Nickname Necrocide

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