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Googlism comments

Neh is geautoriseerd voor het hoogste niveau zijnde datacenter
Neh is authorised for the highest level
Neh is the primary funding source for these complex research undertakings
Neh is to enrich american cultural life by promoting knowledge of human history
Neh is a machine designed for medium
Neh is clearly at risk
Neh is back online
Neh is the agency for you
Neh is unlikely to
Neh is launching we the people
Neh is an independent grant
Neh is particularly interested in the
Neh is a federally funded agency dedicated to supporting research
Neh is carrying the humanities to a new generation by sponsoring seminars for teachers and by promoting new ways of learning
Neh is helpful because it gives you time to write
Neh is administered
Neh is to assist in transforming culture and education in america
Neh is an independent federal agency that supports education
Neh is needed before cmu may make a change in project activities that affects in any way
Neh is necessary and
Neh is the largest
Neh is serious about finding a way to continue to support these projects and make good on this tremendous investment of federal
Neh is not likely to fund the project
Neh is supporting this project to make american silent films available to scholars and film audiences everywhere
Neh is asking for $1 million to help repositories preserve and make accessible their irreplaceable and fragile collections of traditional musical
Neh is now able to search and retrieve critical billing information on
Neh is one of the sunniest lights ever to reach the windows of the big room
Neh is seeking to develop a long
Neh is requesting an additional $1
Neh is a demanding funder and dealing with them simply isn't worth less for production
Neh is funded at $124
Neh is a federal agency created by congress in 1965 to promote knowledge of human history
Neh is valuable for
Neh is also going to sponsor a lecture series on "heroes of history
Neh is supporting the notation of six major works by antony tudor
Neh is een all
Neh is working with other federal agencies
Neh is also pleased to be hosting a regional breakfast event on sept
Neh is a federal agency that supports learning in literature
Neh is supporting 22 projects for college and university faculty and 27 projects for school teachers
Neh is supporting our grant is because it is designed for a large audience
Neh is "rediscovering america
Neh is proud to be doing our part to ensure that the many stories which comprise
Neh is enlisting the help of the corporate and philanthropic communities to help foster a more public role for the humanities
Neh is directed by william r
Neh is reviewing a report by james herbert
Neh is taking the lead in ensuring that the humanities stay at the center of these technological advances
Neh is part
Neh is to assist in transforming culture an= d education in american
Neh is supporting 28 projects for school teachers & 23 for college & university faculty in the summer of 2002
Neh is contributing one
Neh is now making plans for 2001 summer stipends
Neh is funding an nflc website project supporting heritage language and culture study for us latino students
Neh is reported to have said that until the npp administration can afford to pay her staff and herself
Neh is rooted in a belief in community
Neh is also proposing policy that will increase access and facilitate cultural diversity
Neh is essentially the sole source of support for an enormous
Neh is player development
Neh is an independent
Neh is known as an innovator in affordable housing
Neh is a federal agency with an annual budget of more than $110 million
Neh is a federal agency with an annual budget of more than
Neh is changing its
Neh is a great "equalizer
Neh is player development for all players
Neh is not a bureaucratic abstraction or a hotbed of "secular humanism
Neh is also funding for college teachers a seminar program designed for fewer participants with more class discussion
Neh is one more indication of how closely vice president cheney is controlling decision
Neh is a federal agency that supports learning in history
Neh is especially looking for projects that meet its we the people initiative
Neh is "small by washington standards
Neh is unknown
Neh is uitgegroeid tot 's lands grootste economische faculteit met zowel nationaal als internationaal een goede reputatie waaraan de
Neh is october 1
Neh is the nation's largest sponsor of the humanities and plays a critical role on university campuses and
Neh is in receipt of your mailings of may 1st and 6th and we thank you for your prompt responses
Neh is asking students to write a 1
Neh is a victory of imagination over ideology

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