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Googlism comments

Ngoni is the bambara name for an ancient traditional lute found throughout west africa
Ngoni is a banjo
Ngoni is one of the truly spiritual mbira players
Ngoni is a stringed musical instrument like a lyre
Ngoni is a quiet instrument it is now usually played with an electric pick
Ngoni is still the featured instrument but a djembe added on 6 of the 8 tracks
Ngoni is a small luth that has three or four strings
Ngoni is known as mpezeni
Ngoni is a 6 stringed african hunter's harp
Ngoni is fascinating
Ngoni is reminiscent of african american blues tonality
Ngoni is king
Ngoni is the executive director of the institute
Ngoni is the most favored griot instrument in mali
Ngoni is the bambara name in mali a typical model you can find is a 4 string cdgd
Ngoni is a small five string lute
Ngoni is not yet a
Ngoni is part of aa family of instruments known as harp
Ngoni is a dialect of zulu or swazi spoken in malawi
Ngoni is a modern instrument
Ngoni is highlighted in "djelimory
Ngoni is
Ngoni is issa kone
Ngoni is especially wonderful
Ngoni is example of chordophones
Ngoni is included in the tanzanian language survey
Ngoni is often called Ngonidzashe masukumwe

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