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Googlism comments

Nibiru is once again heading this way
Nibiru is approaching
Nibiru is allegedly in a binary orbit between two suns
Nibiru is a stable participant in our solar
Nibiru is the tenth planet of our solar system
Nibiru is not a planet at all
Nibiru is the 4th dimensional flagship of the milky way galaxy's galactic federation
Nibiru is the 4th dimensional flagship of the milky way galaxy?s galactic federation
Nibiru is in your solar system and
Nibiru is in a binary orbit
Nibiru is 3
Nibiru is inbound? mark hazlewood
Nibiru is most likely every 3600 years and it is based on these two facts
Nibiru is the initiator
Nibiru is in
Nibiru is open to question
Nibiru is going to be within
Nibiru is a terrestrial world
Nibiru is very real
Nibiru is a planet that returns to an orbit between jupiter and mars
Nibiru is an appearance toward fall to winter of 2003
Nibiru is simply a large terrestrial
Nibiru is a
Nibiru is on its 3600 year journey back to our solar system to influence change on our planet
Nibiru is coming again
Nibiru is about 2 to 3 times the size of the planet earth
Nibiru is thus hundreds of years from here
Nibiru is supposedly three to four times larger than earth
Nibiru is supposed to increase as it approaches
Nibiru is a metaphoric trigger for awakening to a higher consciousness
Nibiru is a myth
Nibiru is clearly no ordinary planet
Nibiru is possible even at those distances at apogee
Nibiru is a planet x
Nibiru is inhabited and to make matters more interesting
Nibiru is behind and is the cause of all the earth changes we are experiencing now and will be experiencing in the future
Nibiru is the star which is brilliant in the skies
Nibiru is one of the 50 names of marduk
Nibiru is a male force and carries the gods of heaven right to earth
Nibiru is slightly smaller than jupiter
Nibiru is inhabited by the anunnaki
Nibiru is a planet that returns to an orbit between jupiter and mars every 3
Nibiru is a large planet but not so large as kishar
Nibiru is not coming in 2003
Nibiru is a bright
Nibiru is also unique in its own way and that just because
Nibiru is not another planet
Nibiru is coming back for them in 2003
Nibiru is part of the creational mythology of this planet
Nibiru is
Nibiru is approaching again
Nibiru is the best kept secret in our solar system
Nibiru is lang uit het oog geweest omdat deze planeet een totaal andere baan beschrijft dan de andere planeten
Nibiru is known and was known to the sumerians as "planet of the crossing
Nibiru is actually home to an advanced alien race called the annunaki who in ancient times enslaved man
Nibiru is coming
Nibiru is a hypothetical planet in the solar system
Nibiru is weer op koers aarde toe
Nibiru is the 12th planet of our solar system
Nibiru is headed our way next year in the spring
Nibiru is called a shar
Nibiru is also on an approach curve
Nibiru is large and dense and holds in it's own heat even though it is
Nibiru is actually a brown
Nibiru is in the
Nibiru is an actual planet
Nibiru is provided
Nibiru is approaching? 0
Nibiru is said
Nibiru is able to visit each sector of the galaxy making contact with the worlds of member nations
Nibiru is a cosmic living being
Nibiru is een aarde
Nibiru is een kosmisch levend wezen
Nibiru is here from 1997
Nibiru is on its way back to the region of the asteroid belt
Nibiru is distinctly different from the arrival of the anunnaki and was adamant that these two
Nibiru is in our neighborhood there is significant traffic between the two planets
Nibiru is not
Nibiru is now at hand in your life time
Nibiru is one of many names from ancient culture that reference planet x

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