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Googlism comments

Ninjitsu is taught at the university of southern california as a martial arts class and club
Ninjitsu is real and how many think its fake for those how dont know what it is in the first place its basicly what a ninja studys yes
Ninjitsu is the much revered and recently much talked about ancient art of the ninja
Ninjitsu is a japaneese art dating back almost 1000 years
Ninjitsu is from low budget
Ninjitsu is your source for up to date total warrior information and training
Ninjitsu is very different from the approach of the familiar local karate or tae kwon do studios
Ninjitsu is no longer teaching
Ninjitsu is actually called ninpo and is divided into eighteen basic techniques and eighteen advanced techniques
Ninjitsu is derived from the traditional ninja fighting styles of japan
Ninjitsu is a lethal combination of physical and metaphysical prowess
Ninjitsu is not a game
Ninjitsu is a very historic style of martial arts
Ninjitsu is still more or less shrouded in mystery
Ninjitsu is an international group of martial artists dedicated to the study and preservation of Ninjitsu / ninjutsu
Ninjitsu is very realistic
Ninjitsu is divised in many styles known as ryu
Ninjitsu is "nin"
Ninjitsu is the best way
Ninjitsu is illegal in some countries and at different periods in history
Ninjitsu is a way of life
Ninjitsu is a hybrid system of Ninjitsu that also employs techniques and theory from jiu
Ninjitsu is extinct
Ninjitsu is not all physical and is as much a spiritual art by providing a very forward
Ninjitsu is coming out with books
Ninjitsu is an art of secrecy
Ninjitsu is a fake
Ninjitsu is an international group of martial artists dedicated to the study and preservation of Ninjitsu techniques and the
Ninjitsu is an art whose history seems as deceptive as the ninja who carried out the deeds of assassination and espionage in feudal japan a few
Ninjitsu is very different from
Ninjitsu is not solely self
Ninjitsu is the most unique martial art in the world
Ninjitsu is a dead art
Ninjitsu is the martial art
Ninjitsu is more interested in stealth and spying
Ninjitsu is similar to karate in that its history is japanese based and many of the techniques are basically the same
Ninjitsu is cooler than god? b
Ninjitsu is the deadlest martial art in the worl random mook
Ninjitsu is el33t
Ninjitsu is not to "win" as some have claimed
Ninjitsu is a crock
Ninjitsu is a well founded martial art
Ninjitsu is a true asian martial art taught much the way it was hundreds of years ago by the saito family
Ninjitsu is one of the most carefully guarded secret martial arts
Ninjitsu is
Ninjitsu is an inherently
Ninjitsu is a martial art deriving from that period
Ninjitsu is made up of four different jitsus
Ninjitsu is not suitable for this catagory
Ninjitsu is generally learnt to keep up the tradition and the mystique of the ninja
Ninjitsu is japan's oldest martial art
Ninjitsu is the only form of true martial arts on core earth that did not go into seclusion 500 years ago
Ninjitsu is prohibited from spending possibilities on any use of the reality skill
Ninjitsu is secret proprietary information of the school of tanamura
Ninjitsu is a collective term for all the ninja skills
Ninjitsu is located here
Ninjitsu is based on tibetan tantric origins forms are elemental in nature and open psychic channels and corresponding energy centers
Ninjitsu is an ancient and revered system of self
Ninjitsu is an interpretive art form…
Ninjitsu is another popular style but its use has been greatly taken away from its original purpose
Ninjitsu is “the art of invisibility”
Ninjitsu is the term to describe the 'art of the shadow warrior'
Ninjitsu is not one of his priorities
Ninjitsu is an assassination art
Ninjitsu is the art of invisibility
Ninjitsu is comprised of three spells
Ninjitsu is the study of bare
Ninjitsu is more than just fighting
Ninjitsu is the collection of fighting skills used and developed by the ninja
Ninjitsu is vega's personal fighting style and will generally
Ninjitsu is the way of the future
Ninjitsu is the best martial art there is
Ninjitsu is secret and the divisions were not recorded
Ninjitsu is really like trying to find a specific kind of late model car
Ninjitsu is an amazingly good friend of mine
Ninjitsu is an international
Ninjitsu is the only ma
Ninjitsu is not generally compatible with christianity
Ninjitsu is powerful
Ninjitsu is that you blend in to your surroundings
Ninjitsu is crap and was popularized by teenage mutant ninja turtles which on
Ninjitsu is an interpretive art form and every ninja has his own small departure from the tradition

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