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Googlism comments

Noonie is from the piute language and is interpreted "you are my friend"
Noonie is inspired by her eclectic art teacher who tells her that artists have the power to change the world
Noonie is doing great we have renamed her "molly" my kids love the story of the unsinkable molly brown and thought that since molly was abandoned and still
Noonie is also an associate member of the first cavalry division association and an honorary member of the association of us army transporters in thailand
Noonie is making wonderful strides along the path to recovery in her heartfelt battle against the sarcoma
Noonie is a retired army reserve first sergeant
Noonie is not my real name
Noonie is lying back in bed with a bowl of popcorn
Noonie is the author of "memories of maggie" subtitled
Noonie is a noodle covered up with cheese
Noonie is a story about a girl whose imaginary friend Noonie is always making a mess
Noonie is like 8 years old
Noonie is just a bit insane and has this idea that writting should be like music with smapling
Noonie is a retired "first shirt"
Noonie is niiiiice
Noonie is the bestest ever
Noonie is going to meet me there
Noonie is the owner of noonkester supply co
Noonie is visited by the spirits of artists vincent van gogh
Noonie is in we will make some homemade blackberry jelly
Noonie is a full
Noonie is a newbie

Nickname Noonie

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