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Googlism comments

Novell is 'leader' in metadirectory magic
Novell is a native speaker
Novell is ready today
Novell is out to get company
Novell is banking on a transformation
Novell is moving into web services
Novell is down
Novell is another happy vocalis speechmail customer
Novell is the name
Novell is fund manager's favorite stock
Novell is in paradise
Novell is 'leader' in metadirectory magic quadrant
Novell is a native speaker write once
Novell is ready today kurt stoll
Novell is a no brainer
Novell is on a partition?
Novell is faster and easier to administer than windows 2
Novell is dead
Novell is doing the right thing
Novell is banking on a transformation laura frewin
Novell is that there are fewer and fewer sys admins out there with the skills
Novell is another happy vocalis speechmail customer by teleconnect jan 5
Novell is looking for a few good companies where they can send a few of their best
Novell is pleased to announce the release of a new premium service program in asia pacific
Novell is betting that destiny will allow it to capture a leadership position in secure identity management
Novell is looking to disassociate itself from its own netware web services offering
Novell is a turnaround story and his reasons for picking the company as his favorite stock
Novell is trying to appease these customers with netware 5
Novell is expanding its formal and strategic partnership network to address the requirements of c
Novell is that the new release has been completely built around open standards
Novell is officially rolling out the partnernet 2002 program from this month in various key markets in asia namely
Novell is likely to be more embroiled in its own mess than dealing with market realities
Novell is developing a metadirectory
Novell is the first
Novell is building a single anytime
Novell is looking to the makers of application servers
Novell is preparing to launch two major
Novell is buying silverstream by it
Novell is making pretty significant moves in the web services arena
Novell is the last hurdle
Novell is very pleased to be a part of the sunvip program
Novell is not predicated on reliving the
Novell is going to do something
Novell is responding to feedback from its customers
Novell is the only company currently shipping products with this application integration capability
Novell is likely to face more
Novell is headed
Novell is an
Novell is staging two more future revisions of netware
Novell is also demonstrating file
Novell is positioning the new release as a lightweight but secure messaging tool for workers who don't sit at a desk all day
Novell is pushing a "
Novell is on a mission
Novell is launching a competing suite of networking software that promises to offer similar flexibility
Novell is an ibm compatible pc workstation that operates as a dos and windows compliant application platform
Novell is an independent software vendor with a vision of one net
Novell is focusing on information infrastructure consolidation
Novell is undecided about whether the company will even use the netware name for any of its new modular 64
Novell is a different company
Novell is revising its certifications to gain renewed relevance in a
Novell is the company that brought the world great lan and client
Novell is probably the biggest software company that has not come out and said
Novell is pleased to announce that the "netware 6 upgrade promo" is being expanded
Novell is expected to announce earnings for the quarter ended july 31 of about $25 million
Novell is behind the eight ball
Novell is not providing any details so that our customers have time to apply the padlock fix
Novell is introducing a new level of safety by testing and delivering support packs for key Novell products at one time
Novell is the world's leading network software provider
Novell is pleased to announce a new upgrade path to Novell account management 3
Novell is to grow
Novell is certainly aiming high
Novell is shipping a commercially licensed version of mysql with netware
Novell is
Novell is now well positioned to be a leader in the emerging and fast
Novell is attempting to rejuvenate interest in writing software programs for its operating system by supporting java
Novell is now beginning to climb out of the transition trough
Novell is no longer tied only to the growth and utilization of network infrastructure
Novell is to make its network services available on all operating systems at the same time
Novell is strictly working with "inbound" open
Novell is targeting three key areas
Novell is approaching that goal by creating modular services so that
Novell is organized by tid number
Novell is the only company cur
Novell is expected to announce a partnership with at least one of the companies through
Novell is coming back
Novell is a david
Novell is offering training and certification in a range of internet
Novell is now largely eclipsed by other certifiers such as the microsoft and comptia
Novell is planning to release compatible software during december
Novell is the world's leading provider

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