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Googlism comments

Omnis is verhuist
Omnis is shown here
Omnis is a database language
Omnis is stored in it's own proprietary files called usually libraries or datafiles
Omnis is a winner
Omnis is fully sql
Omnis is much further ahead of other companies in their ability to listen and react to the linux user base
Omnis is a 4gl
Omnis is the best in class
Omnis is a powerful local rdbms that allows local caching of data
Omnis is a trademark of Omnis software inc
Omnis is often subject of questions
Omnis is a gro wing collab oration curren tly
Omnis is the cross
Omnis is a registered trademark of Omnis software
Omnis is een jaarlijks terugkerend congres
Omnis is bijzonder verheugd om deze top
Omnis is located on the left hand side right past the sunoco station
Omnis is currently using
Omnis is a leader in developing and deploying component
Omnis is a client server software architecture which can be applied across any platform including both mac os and windows
Omnis is rapidly heading for its 25th anniversary in 2004 and the technology is still cutting edge
Omnis is closed
Omnis is started
Omnis is a registered trademark of raining data uk limited
Omnis is charging you a royalty for deploying the projects you create with the software
Omnis is a registered trademark of Omnis software limited
Omnis is a powerful 4gl rapid application development environment designed to produce flexible
Omnis is a neutrino detector which will detect different flavor neutrinos with a time resolution capability which is only limited by number statistics
Omnis is very fast
Omnis is a multi
Omnis is a research project that investigates methods for the representation and use of world knowledge in natural language systems
Omnis is a terrific cross
Omnis is organized around collections of objects–Omnis
Omnis is priced at $1500
Omnis is going to load records first when executing your query
Omnis is a novel multimedia information retrieval system for the administration of documents in libraries and offices
Omnis is assumed
Omnis is fairly tall and athletic
Omnis is providing for its clients
Omnis is running
Omnis is a tremendously versatile database development environment
Omnis is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of logic in determining the existence of a creator
Omnis is… zack larson
Omnis is working hard to make it easier to learn their product
Omnis is a neglected art
Omnis is b eing
Omnis is so seamlessly cross
Omnis is the concept of the reversible block
Omnis is a rapid application development environment that is ideally suited for prototyping and deployment of business software solutions
Omnis is approximately 660 pages of class 6 memory
Omnis is related to the objective addressed in
Omnis is "access"
Omnis is te allen tijde gerechtigd te vorderen dat de afnemer voldoende zekerheid stelt voor de betaling van de door Omnis te verrichten prestaties
Omnis is de grootste leverancier van intel produkten in het noorden
Omnis is an os 9 application
Omnis is a database management language that is
Omnis is a great debugger
Omnis is being run
Omnis is a multiplatform solution for linux developers to develop linux applications and deployed over windows
Omnis is the latest iteration of one of the most successful erp solutions on the market today
Omnis is the home of the university information system
Omnis is also "access"
Omnis is an application development environment used by both the central campus and biology to create database applications
Omnis is the masculine/feminine nominative singular and omne is the neuter nominative singular
Omnis is shown in fig
Omnis is a great company i think
Omnis is a trademark of raining data inc
Omnis is now launching a spanish
Omnis is an incredibly flexible and yet easy
Omnis is a trademark of raining data corporation
Omnis is a development tool
Omnis is a digital library system for administration of documents in libraries and organizations
Omnis is one of the leading developments environments in today's multi
Omnis is released when it is connected
Omnis is the mas & fem nominative
Omnis is a crossware universal 4gl scripting language that allows armstrong developers to manipulate components and objects of any size or complexity quickly
Omnis is marketing studio as a "cross
Omnis is distributed exclusively in australia by balmain
Omnis is easily the most powerful of the bunch and we
Omnis is a development environment for creating client/server applications for windows
Omnis is the host of four95
Omnis is to provide weekly volume and grower and wholesale prices for more than 100 organically grown commodities
Omnis is it? 7
Omnis is sho wn

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