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Googlism comments

Orgo is because of a grossly exaggerated fear
Orgo is no piece of cake either; however
Orgo is widely rumored to be a killer course
Orgo is that those who enjoy it succeed
Orgo is made by the mixing of natural organic substances mixed scientifically in a precise way
Orgo is a completely natural product
Orgo is so important
Orgo is the worst thing that's happened to my academic career
Orgo is short to organic chemistry
Orgo is to be read in conjunction with Orgo 1020
Orgo is to be read in conjunction with Orgo 1020/53
Orgo is hard
Orgo is doing to me??
Orgo is trying to reach out with owner d
Orgo is aware of the cost of the appraisals prior to the work being done
Orgo is plain though shakespeare is nice
Orgo is alright
Orgo is the instrument of aliens who want to terraform the earth
Orgo is quick to give credit to the support of others for her success
Orgo is pulled through an obs deck wall by another invisible alien
Orgo is doing?? what sort of arrangements or connections
Orgo is ready
Orgo is my favorite class
Orgo is now gone from my life
Orgo is taken fresh yr and phy is taken soph yr or in summer
Orgo is satisfactory
Orgo is good for is to distract my mind when i am attempting to not think about "him
Orgo is much less overwhelming when you don't have to learn it all the night before the exam
Orgo is a bit rusty
Orgo is playing the original castle wolfenstein 3d on the bigscreen
Orgo is mostly the first semester while the rest of the sections do cover a wide range of material
Orgo is a very fluid
Orgo is so easy for me now is that i have had it before
Orgo is the caretaker of la puerta
Orgo is just too freakin' hard
Orgo is not that good
Orgo is better than this
Orgo is still owning me
Orgo is uninteresting
Orgo is getting better in terms of level of interest
Orgo is one of the hardest courses in this school
Orgo is and always will be my bitch
Orgo is my bitch is my bitch is my bitch
Orgo is required
Orgo is always tougher than bio cause the answers aren't so fact based
Orgo is like taking three classes
Orgo is true
Orgo is a bitch
Orgo is finally done
Orgo is not your friend
Orgo is dead
Orgo is impressive in the ring and the group has made a lot of money gambling on the fights
Orgo is
Orgo is over
Orgo is my only insanely hard class and i trick myself into thinking that all my classes are that hard
Orgo is not just for you self
Orgo is the most failed class at school
Orgo is located in grace castle
Orgo is a planet
Orgo is really frustrating because i knew it so well in college
Orgo is easy with us
Orgo is done with

Nickname Orgo

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