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Googlism comments

Orog is een tan kleurig konijntje uit mijn laatste nestje
Orog is a very good example of us looking around through source materials for a creature that could accomplish a very specific goal
Orog is very small and this happens when the overall output is also very small
Orog is surprisingly fast for what looks such a lumbering beast and charges off down the corridor with jihan
Orog is dressed in rugged orcish plate mail and carries a very fine
Orog is my standard
Orog is
Orog is not gained
Orog is a babe
Orog is phenomenally strong
Orog is a half
Orog is for 3cv'
Orog is your nephew
Orog is armored in chain mail that is bloody
Orog is a thoroughly corrupt individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals
Orog is considered an orc or ogre
Orog is out on recon with a small patrol of

Nickname Orog

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