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Googlism comments

Otaku is mine
Otaku is only here
Otaku is an obsessed person
Otaku is someone who is a dedicated fan of anime and/or manga
Otaku is created with
Otaku is no longer maintained
Otaku is meaning of mania
Otaku is a magazine devoted exclusively to coverage of japanese independent bands and culture
Otaku is on hiatus until i can rethink it and our anime news is currently down
Otaku is a formal way of saying "house" in japanese
Otaku is a description of a person that would go beyond the limits of anyone else to pursue his or her interests of choice
Otaku is here is a little something on it
Otaku is closing it's doors
Otaku is commonly translated to mean fan
Otaku is japanese for 'home' or 'hearth'
Otaku is not attached to the aidea of powerty
Otaku is dedicated to anime
Otaku is the constant drain on my bank account
Otaku is becoming rather scarce
Otaku is increasing very rapidly
Otaku is not attached to the idea of poverty
Otaku is very shameful
Otaku is a monthly fanzine about anime
Otaku is all about
Otaku is? it is good to know that Otaku has two meanings
Otaku is going to take a lot of time and effort
Otaku is like a fanboy
Otaku is used as a term for anime
Otaku is the only club at southwest texas state university devoted to showing anime
Otaku is a system which helps you train yourself to be an Otaku
Otaku is a different breed
Otaku is the best method to socially stabilize a state
Otaku is not a bad thing
Otaku is anyone who obsessively pursues a hobby
Otaku is both interesting and enlightening
Otaku is someone who frantically collects pop
Otaku is a non
Otaku is?
Otaku is an outcast because he doesn't know what's happening outside
Otaku is
Otaku is a kind of insult; it refers to a person who is so involved with a particular type of fan subculture that he or she becomes obsessed
Otaku is modeled after mine and my friends
Otaku is quite
Otaku is comprised of brothers colonel 32 and nan
Otaku is more than the anime on his shelf
Otaku is back after a forced little break
Otaku is a title not given lightly
Otaku is a formal and somewhat unusual way of saying you or your house in japanese
Otaku is to anime what a trekkie is to star trek
Otaku is a formal and
Otaku is a satire of anime fan parody production
Otaku is someone who is fanatical about one of their interests
Otaku is not a thing to look up to and aspire to be
Otaku is a japanese term that denotes obsession with somethign to an extreme
Otaku is that the person stays in their house all the time
Otaku is japanese
Otaku is a fan of anime
Otaku is a long hard processes
Otaku is for us to swap anime
Otaku is an obsessed anime fan
Otaku is like
Otaku is a girl
Otaku is short on words
Otaku is used
Otaku is more neutral
Otaku is whether or not pm
Otaku is not about bashing Otaku
Otaku is divisive

Nickname Otaku

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