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Googlism comments

Ottar is it? 'nuff said
Ottar is it?
Ottar is a radical
Ottar is supposed to have the power between 520
Ottar is hanging out trying to get you to pitch those minions in your hand that are trying to hang out with the fellowship
Ottar is an exact copy of skuldelev i
Ottar is the oldest one
Ottar is most useful the turn that you draw 3 cards w/ elrond
Ottar is the best discard cause he replenishes at the same time
Ottar is small
Ottar is showing reidun how to cut up some wood
Ottar is a tragic tale of young man going downhill
Ottar is
Ottar is a trader turned warrior
Ottar is a rough
Ottar is a grandfather of oj's grandfather
Ottar is one of the three sons of hreimdar and he was killed by loki
Ottar is a retired viking that once was famous for his skills and courage in
Ottar is buried in the Ottar mound near vendel
Ottar is recorded on a cross
Ottar is the only member that has been with haggis all the way
Ottar is just as good in its own way
Ottar is largely forgotten now
Ottar is a consulting engineer in geotechnics with his own well known consulting company in trondheim
Ottar is identical with oth
Ottar is a veteran country artist in norway
Ottar is very class drummer
Ottar is a human being in the shape of a boar
Ottar is myocardial infarction
Ottar is in a 1920's version of cinderella playing memorial day weekend at the calumet theatre
Ottar is a radical activist organisation with groups in four places in norway and members all over the country
Ottar is the source of the first recorded description of the conditions in the far north
Ottar is also in a sorta parliament/ 70's funk band called funkstrasse
Ottar is escorted in
Ottar is in

Nickname Ottar

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