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Googlism comments

P-NuT is a musical diplomat who carries a positive attitude and lust for new experiences into any musical situation he encounters
P-NuT is awarded an autographed 49ers football by jimmy johnson
P-NuT is the barflyz head of security/manager/unwanted shot drinker
P-NuT is rather defensive and anti
P-NuT is a love bug
P-NuT is often mistaken on stage for george clinton
P-NuT is a very creative child with an extremely large imagination
P-NuT is doing well according to rebecca
P-NuT is older than all of the other road trippers combined
P-NuT is supposed to be mushy but some people like them a little crunchy
P-NuT is quick to point out that he and his boys were not the first
P-NuT is f'n dead
P-NuT is now grand pointed
P-NuT is happily married to a wonderful and beautiful woman named abby
P-NuT is a multi talented instrumentalist playing bass
P-NuT is ranked 91 and has played for 4h57m in 30 days real name
P-NuT is ranked 28 and has played for 10h37m in 30 days real name
P-NuT is one crazy bassist
P-NuT is playing with more creativity
P-NuT is a suite of tools for constructing and analysing petri net models
P-NuT is ranked 61 and has played for 7h24m in 15 days real name
P-NuT is always so good
P-NuT is one of the best around
P-NuT is the ultimate funk master in "feel so good"
P-NuT is the dam of a one
P-NuT is currently playing in 2 bands
P-NuT is a friking mini
P-NuT is the only
P-NuT is a singer with a bestial growl of a voice which is set over a texture of rolling bass
P-NuT is the bassist and sa martinez is a back
P-NuT is a 4 year old dalmatian
P-NuT is at tennessee colony
P-NuT is a brother
P-NuT is a bad man
P-NuT is incredible
P-NuT is right
P-NuT is ranked 159 and has played for 1h30m in 30 days
P-NuT is the lightweight
P-NuT is long missed
P-NuT is the mastermind beating the bass
P-NuT is a child
P-NuT is
P-NuT is a brother that's always got a girlfriend
P-NuT is my favorite and i love all the guys but p
P-NuT is best lb fish
P-NuT is my cousin and plus he bout to have a baby brother or sisiter anyway" said anyx
P-NuT is the bass player for the fearsome fivesome
P-NuT is avery well off bassists with a ton of tricks up his

Nickname P-NuT

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