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Googlism comments

Pataki is waiting in wings by
Pataki is ready to
Pataki is 'about
Pataki is hurting new york'
Pataki is shocked
Pataki is urged to deny approval of evacuation plan
Pataki is a shoo
Pataki is said to weigh increase in cigarette tax to $1
Pataki is possible bush running mate 07
Pataki is waiting in wings
Pataki is ready to hit mccall hard
Pataki is 'about right' on political chart
Pataki is doing as governor
Pataki is spending more in his second term report links growth to tax cuts
Pataki is hurting new york
Pataki is going to withdraw from the race before this is all over
Pataki is urged to sign solar power legislation
Pataki is the anti
Pataki is blanketing the airwaves at the taxpayers' expense
Pataki is nicked
Pataki is expected to sign the measure
Pataki is the first of mr
Pataki is exactly the kind of leader we need as we go about restoring the economy and spirit of new york state
Pataki is considered the more appealing leader on economic issues by 38
Pataki is also deeply dedicated to her work relating to women's health issues
Pataki is dedicating the necessary resources to enable us to protect the public from the threat of terrorism while we continue in our
Pataki is still the
Pataki is sensible enough to agree
Pataki is beating each of his democratic opponents by two to one
Pataki is our governor
Pataki is our governor previous page
Pataki is possible bush running mate the associated press
Pataki is maintaining a double
Pataki is being challenged by democrat mccall and independence party candidate thomas golisano in the nov
Pataki is one of m's closest high school friends
Pataki is looking less like an incumbent on cruise control
Pataki is forcing everyone to reconsider the state’s—and
Pataki is out of control
Pataki is running strong
Pataki is clearly the favorite to win re
Pataki is leading mccall by 16 points at 48 to 32%
Pataki is expected to speak at 3
Pataki is still unable to reach 50 percent
Pataki is doing and contribute to what is at present a comfortable margin
Pataki is expected to seek a third term
Pataki is one of the most intriguing american politicians to emerge in the 1990s
Pataki is increasing aid to schools
Pataki is increasingly reviled
Pataki is considering him
Pataki is not as invincible as he seems
Pataki is thought to be more sympathetic
Pataki is hiding an
Pataki is poster
Pataki is first governor to visit open
Pataki is now serving in his second term
Pataki is going to
Pataki is unwilling to step up and provide the leadership and make the tough decisions about what the future's going to be like
Pataki is trying hide failed record
Pataki is seeking to offer alternatives to prison time for those convicted of drug offenses as a cost
Pataki is a coward
Pataki is a national leader in providing access to affordable
Pataki is faulted on timing of election
Pataki is replicating much of the hillary clinton labor coalition
Pataki is boasting about his repeal of the city’s commuter tax at a time when new york city faces a $5 billion budget
Pataki is a proven candiate
Pataki is my friend
Pataki is slated to get the city teachers union's endorsement today
Pataki is handily ahead
Pataki is laying the groundwork to keep expectations down when the state legislature returns
Pataki is doing a good job
Pataki is seeking his third term as governor
Pataki is proposing that instead of paying property taxes on some state owned land
Pataki is not doing enough for upstate
Pataki is a lively blend of political cartooning and oral history
Pataki is the better choice
Pataki is helga's father
Pataki is set to win a third term to new york’s governorship
Pataki is implementing a policy to lease large
Pataki is the private sector's partner in
Pataki is facing an increasingly competitive race for a third term after riding a post
Pataki is paying more than expected to get his message out as the cost of spots
Pataki is a strong advocate for using the state's resources to
Pataki is the highest elected republican official
Pataki is fending off speculation
Pataki is strong among catholics by a margin of 51
Pataki is to be
Pataki is best prepared to lead us during these most difficult times
Pataki is hosting a june reception at madame tussaud's benefiting the republican governor's association
Pataki is responding to what black and latino voters did
Pataki is wooing upstate voters
Pataki is running at the top of a ticket of losers; democrats are heavily favored to clean up in the down
Pataki is budgeting in this
Pataki is fostering the development of a
Pataki is fluent in romanian and understands english
Pataki is still responsible for actions of his adminstration

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