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Googlism comments

Pebbs is used to demonstrate the generic nature of Pebbs
Pebbs is still alive" con
Pebbs is sitting near me on the couch and he just let me nick his phone so he's in
Pebbs is hysterical
Pebbs is now known as quonx
Pebbs is now known as heart_of_gold <heart_of_gold> *ahem*
Pebbs is shown in fig
Pebbs is still an interesting research topic and will be
Pebbs is critical to realizing the flexible and scalable system architectures at the heart of the "more electric" ship
Pebbs is probably the power scaling capability
Pebbs is just the niftiest critter
Pebbs is refusing to wear a dress
Pebbs is my first ever internet buddy

Nickname Pebbs

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