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Googlism comments

Phileo is "palpable" love
Phileo is "human love"
Phileo is ammoral
Phileo is an indie band out of nashville
Phileo is an unsigned indie band from nashville
Phileo is used by christ
Phileo is quickly becoming a
Phileo is that its strengthis directly related to the desirability of the object of its affection
Phileo is love based upon reciprocity of feelings and actions
Phileo is a brotherhood
Phileo is found to be in breach of paragraph 1
Phileo is as follows
Phileo is
Phileo is something that
Phileo is the cherishing love of marriage
Phileo is now heard on over 40 stations in 15 states and counting
Phileo is seen as friendly affection
Phileo is to regard with affection
Phileo is to affectionately love someone
Phileo is heading for a town near you
Phileo is the word that is generally used to define human love
Phileo is man's love
Phileo is viewed as being a love of “the feelings
Phileo is another greek word for love
Phileo is the word used here in titus 3
Phileo is used to reference god's feelings toward man it was limited to those who were obedient to his commandments
Phileo is reserved for those with whom we cultivate a relationship
Phileo is defined as to be a friend to
Phileo is a highelf smith but only sylphan is up to 250 yet
Phileo is the love of friendship; common interests and admiration are factors in Phileo love
Phileo is a natural love that develops & builds as persons are attracted to each other
Phileo is rich and complex with layers of flavors of peach
Phileo is never used in a command to men to love god
Phileo is not a love experienced by equals
Phileo is brotherly love
Phileo is kindly affection or brotherly love
Phileo is all about
Phileo is a ministry to
Phileo is what's truly in your heart
Phileo is more strongly attached to the emotions
Phileo is gone
Phileo is never used
Phileo is used in john 5
Phileo is brotherly love; agape is generally known as divine love
Phileo is friendship among friends
Phileo is also normally translated "love" and we know that this word describes a brotherly love or the love that one friend would have for another
Phileo is very rare and difficult
Phileo is conditional
Phileo is the love we have for our siblings
Phileo is the warm
Phileo is often used to describe the love between very close friends
Phileo is not very
Phileo is the kind of love that keeps the marriage sweet
Phileo is the love between friends
Phileo is not only encouraged
Phileo is characterized by deep affection
Phileo is the word from which we get phila
Phileo is not the word that paul uses in this passage
Phileo is my favorite word
Phileo is distinguished from agapao in that it more nearly represents tender affection
Phileo is the love of friendship
Phileo is rendered "be fond" and agapao is rendered "love
Phileo is reciprocal love
Phileo is the kind of love friends have for each other
Phileo is the love for friends
Phileo is rendered be fond
Phileo is used
Phileo is eternal
Phileo is often used to describe god’s love and is often synonymous with agapeo
Phileo is distinguished from agapao in that Phileo more nearly represents tender affection
Phileo is the type of love jesus expressed concerning john

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