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Googlism comments

Phlem is building up in my nasal passages and causes a feeling of constant choking
Phlem is produced
Phlem is an unsigned indie band from tampa/st petersburg
Phlem is bad
Phlem is now weekly
Phlem is not a fun thing
Phlem is stuck in there
Phlem is bachelor #1 and comes from no peaks
Phlem is yet to submit a signature
Phlem is gathering
Phlem is running down the back of her throat
Phlem is real good i just got touched up on blue bird i cant wait for his album
Phlem is more useful for
Phlem is not
Phlem is tolerable
Phlem is is a light colored green
Phlem is really annoying
Phlem is yellow
Phlem is american slang for to vomit
Phlem is american slang for "to vomit"
Phlem is with us all
Phlem is dripping down the back of my throat and coughing makes me feel icks
Phlem is white so it is not bacterial in nature
Phlem is clear
Phlem is not leading with 59 pts??? arg

Nickname Phlem

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