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Googlism comments

Pilum is thrown the front line of the enemy soldiers
Pilum is not a thrusting weapon and cannot be thrown from a distance of two feet
Pilum is the heavy javelin used by the first lines of the legionaries to attack the approaching enemy
Pilum is of the traditional flanged type and may be dissembled for ease of transportation to events
Pilum is one piece of wood as is proper
Pilum is a short
Pilum is a weapon which specialises in depriving the enemy of the full use of his shield
Pilum is designed to meet the imperial navy standard requirements of jump
Pilum is the main access hatch
Pilum is an ideal system for such applications as home delivery call out services
Pilum is going to go a long way
Pilum is resting on the ground behind the right foot
Pilum is made of soft metal and wood
Pilum is a javelin that has a long easily bent barbed iron blade
Pilum is of the traditional flanged type and may be disassembled for ease of
Pilum is of the traditional flanged type and may be disassembled for ease of transportation to events
Pilum is ready to fire about the time the rear shields drop
Pilum is in the air
Pilum is replaced by
Pilum is thrown just before contact is made whenever the troopers charge or are charged
Pilum is mighty torrent of water
Pilum is a distinctive weapon
Pilum is ready to throw
Pilum is the missile weapon for all roman swordsmen and some spanish swordsmen
Pilum is a 2
Pilum is a new system developed by valiant especially for the striker
Pilum is an unusual looking weapon for its ash haft was much short then a typical spear due to its massively long iron point that was sometimes 6 times
Pilum is a variant of the javelin; therefore the same attack value can be employed
Pilum is intended to penetrate body armor or a wooden shield
Pilum is a javelin with the point mounted on a long iron shank riveted to a wooden shaft
Pilum is fastened by reconstructors
Pilum is routinely mentioned
Pilum is attested
Pilum is a javelin with a long soft iron head
Pilum is assigned to second
Pilum is thrown before i give the order
Pilum is appropriate
Pilum is the weapon used in most of the combats sculptured
Pilum is capessens sub catulo exclusam ab hoste legionem suam hortatus tribunum suum dubitantem per castra hostium erumpere interfecit legionemque eduxit
Pilum is well illustrated here
Pilum is essentially a melee weapon
Pilum is the highest
Pilum is a stout wooden shaft 4 1/2 feet long
Pilum is a stout wooden shaft 41 feet long
Pilum is near the point behind the tapered block of the wooden shaft and the Pilum throws very well and accurately with practice
Pilum is free
Pilum is converted into a Pilum mod 1
Pilum is a specialisation of the javelin
Pilum is not to be found afterwards
Pilum is too short to be considered as shooting weapon
Pilum is one
Pilum is optional
Pilum is fairly balanced and is fairly suited to gaining extra attack power from your strength
Pilum is lightly armored for its weight
Pilum is pila
Pilum is hostes immittit atque unum ex multitudine procurrentem traicit

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