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Googlism comments

Pollard is my purim hero
Pollard is his own worst enemy
Pollard is a trusted and recognized leader in the
Pollard is a real estate
Pollard is a real estate agent in taos
Pollard is a real estate agent or
Pollard is victim of discrimination
Pollard is his own worst enemy by edwin black
Pollard is his own worst enemy by edwin black for 17 years
Pollard is a trusted and recognized leader in the industry
Pollard is granted israeli citizenship
Pollard is a realtor in taos
Pollard is this
Pollard is only a symptom
Pollard is pardoned
Pollard is
Pollard is the founder and chief executive of the damaris trust and its predecessor
Pollard is too weird and idiosyncratic to ever really be mainstream
Pollard is coming off the best season of his seven
Pollard is a former us naval intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty in 1986 to passing military secrets to israel
Pollard is strongly opposed by the us intelligence community and those who prosecuted the case
Pollard is a smart political strategist and an even better spinner
Pollard is hardly at odds with gingrich ideologically
Pollard is a bud man all the way
Pollard is abducted by aliens who try to help her but constantly misinterpret earthly conventions
Pollard is currently reunited with two of the hit comedy's stars
Pollard is old enough to surf the end
Pollard is about as dried up as the niagara falls
Pollard is emblematic of israel's consistent failure to defend her own interests when they are seen as possibly conflicting with
Pollard is now for sale
Pollard is one such person
Pollard is not offensively oriented and gets most of
Pollard is clearly guilty of the crime for which he is charged
Pollard is managing partner and a corporate lawyer responsible for the firm?s health care and regulatory practice
Pollard is the perfect site for your next meeting or executive retreat
Pollard is a professional computer programmer who specialises in consultancy and development of operating systems and tools
Pollard is an israeli artist
Pollard is the only surgeon using the technique in the uk
Pollard is on our consciences
Pollard is largely unknown
Pollard is a practicing clinical psychologist whose work involves training
Pollard is among the top international experts in the area of hiv
Pollard is that he likes all of his songs
Pollard is sadly bereaved by passing of his mother justice4jp release
Pollard is spending his 16th year in a federal prison on a life sentence with little prospect for release
Pollard is a lot of things
Pollard is wheeling his bicycle
Pollard is director
Pollard is the chairman of the constables' committee
Pollard is also the author of a study of black self help
Pollard is white
Pollard is calling his constituents to sigh a petition to back his fight for a brand new centre of
Pollard is calling his constituents to sigh a petition to back his fight for a brand new centre of excellence hospital in st albans
Pollard is a
Pollard is that he has now reinvented himself with a certain element of the us
Pollard is channeling his inner
Pollard is an associate in the firm?s financial services practice
Pollard is founding dean of the syracuse university college of human services and health professions
Pollard is the associate director in charge of strand 1 at the university of teesside
Pollard is able to create a retro sound that is completely his and his alone
Pollard is a jew
Pollard is not
Pollard is one of those people who are signs of the body's strength
Pollard is in her fourth year at the helm of the nu women?s tennis program
Pollard is right but the secretary of defense
Pollard is still causing entanglement a decade after the paid spy for israel
Pollard is when compared with the sentences given to others who
Pollard is serving a life sentence in a us federal prison
Pollard is a postdoctoral fellow in the college of computing at the georgia institute of technology
Pollard is often so obliterated by budweiser at his shows that he can hardly stand up
Pollard is an assistant professor in the computer science department at brown university
Pollard is getting is in stark contrast to the years immediately following his 1985 arrest
Pollard is such a great place to live
Pollard is troubling
Pollard is as much a fan of pop music history as anyone
Pollard is a most referred? realtor in taos
Pollard is certified by
Pollard is a science teacher who wants to make sure inuit young people don't become jaded towards scientists working in the arctic
Pollard is a travesty of justice
Pollard is approximately 100
Pollard is a girls physical education teacher that coaches the 8th grade girls volleyball team
Pollard is immediately on the left
Pollard is immediately on your left
Pollard is divided into grade level houses
Pollard is known as a phenomenal motivator
Pollard is not in the national interest
Pollard is the second uw administrator to be so recognized
Pollard is a visiting professor
Pollard is a mathematician
Pollard is associate band director at ld bell high school in hurst
Pollard is 85

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