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Googlism comments

Predrag is 18 years old
Predrag is a third
Predrag is involved in writing educational lessons and composer biographies for students k
Predrag is a winner of several awards
Predrag is a very good player
Predrag is the one on the left
Predrag is keen to look at postgresql
Predrag is planning an
Predrag is too a man of soccer and he knows what the people want to know
Predrag is a journalist and africa expert based in harare
Predrag is a freelance journalist living in zimbabwe who has written for etcetera
Predrag is still using his university account
Predrag is expected to drop by at 1am
Predrag is finishing some stuff
Predrag is a fourth year student at the university of novi sad
Predrag is a freelance journalist with more than 25 years of professional experience covering africa
Predrag is a zimbabwe
Predrag is much better and shouldn't
Predrag is now investigating how to define the files in a more general way; he is searching a way how to associate root trees with directories
Predrag is nenad's brother
Predrag is the general manager
Predrag is making a dominating defensive play
Predrag is much better and shouldn't even be on the same court with bryant
Predrag is just in there to nail the three
Predrag is asked to install it
Predrag is a poet with ms from bosnia blindman he is left without sight young blind man steps over water
Predrag is like a machine in these positions
Predrag is on
Predrag is probably one of the best bench players in the ula and depending on the roster can start on some teams
Predrag is a good writer
Predrag is
Predrag is coming to novi sad on a yearly holiday where he meats vesna and falling madly in love with her leaving his town
Predrag is because "hes older
Predrag is our best player now
Predrag is here in my heart
Predrag is ranked 257 and has played for 1d11h27m in 30 days

Nickname Predrag

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