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Googlism comments

Pretto is man on a mission
Pretto is newest latin america
Pretto is a guy who is more passionate than most about his motorcycles
Pretto is double
Pretto is my great
Pretto is a surname which is consistent with preto
Pretto is said to have stumbled across the equation while speculating about the life of the universe
Pretto is faultless and
Pretto is a good flutist
Pretto is a co
Pretto is an education update intern
Pretto is newest latin america member
Pretto is newest nai member in latin america; nai southpace
Pretto is
Pretto is a shit talker
Pretto is the wonderfully lucid thought process
Pretto is to be congratulated on the successful intro
Pretto is a junior communications major from tegucigalpa
Pretto is in position 1 at the end of the lap
Pretto is ranked 1723 and has played for 54m in 100 days real name

Nickname Pretto

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