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Googlism comments

Priam is a software package containing around 2000 separate
Priam is a software package covering virtually every business function
Priam is a software package containing around 2000 separate modules
Priam is the mysterious nature of human choice
Priam is certainly more difficult of access than the other operas
Priam is connected to because
Priam is connected to the following things
Priam is not associated with a particular mesh generator
Priam is torn between his duty as a king and his duty as a father
Priam is the new band on the international progressive rock scene
Priam is hector’s dad and he has come to retrieve his son’s body
Priam is not satisfied to rehash old prog clichés
Priam is going to figure in somewhere as it was
Priam is a forgery
Priam is a trojan
Priam is fired because his boss menelaus can't deal with the y2k realities Priam has
Priam is astonishing
Priam is slaughtered she becomes uncontrollable
Priam is a youth who carries the ransom goods
Priam is sitting on the altar with the body of his grandson
Priam is a supplicant to achilles
Priam is a better king and father than agamemnon; hector a kinder man than achilles; andromache a far better wife than helen
Priam is delighted; now maybe he can trade helen for hesione
Priam is uneasy
Priam is slain before aeneas's eyes during the greeks' sacking of troy
Priam is the father of fifty trojan warriors
Priam is a powerful adaptation of the iliad focussed on the workings of fate that lead up to the destruction of troy
Priam is a kind of companion piece to britten's war requiem
Priam is an aging king
Priam is absent from episode one
Priam is the gifted irish
Priam is the name given to the binding type editor
Priam is that? 33
Priam is torn from his alter where he has sought shelter
Priam is speaking about what he must do—a statement and a gesture haunted by memory but harking forward
Priam is slain 506
Priam is offering *apoina*
Priam is about to leave
Priam is slain when troy falls
Priam is happy to know that he will soon get the body of his son back
Priam is a project within the information society technologies theme of the european commission
Priam is shown here begging for hector's
Priam is struck down by pyrrhus
Priam is the king of troy
Priam is permitted to send files
Priam is ransoming for his body
Priam is the father of fifty children
Priam is in a traditional pose of supplication
Priam is in rebel hands
Priam is a workstation
Priam is to develop a new class of modular
Priam is the king of troy and the father of fifty sons
Priam is lamenting the
Priam is dead
Priam is fired after failing to convince his boss of the
Priam is now the one "with a heart of iron"
Priam is at the edge of the dragon lands and therefore an important part of nahmprian defense
Priam is not troubled
Priam is "murdered"
Priam is from france and plays instrumental prog
Priam is a 'mother
Priam is the epitome of parental suffering
Priam is sneaked into the achaean camp and achilles' tent by the god hermes
Priam is informed as he
Priam is also a father and feels pain at the
Priam is one of the most adventurous groups of recent years
Priam is heartbroken
Priam is said to have thrown a feast for penthesileia and given her many costly gifts with more to come if she could rid him of the troublesome greeks; the
Priam is uneasy about the arrival of dr
Priam is in ilion
Priam is already dead
Priam is the mysterious
Priam is killed
Priam is said to have had fifty sons
Priam is finally exhausted
Priam is possibly the greatest passage of literature ever and it is worth purchasing the book simply to read it
Priam is persuaded to intrust himself to the guidance of this youth and safely comes to achilles' tent
Priam is portrayed as an old man
Priam is keen to secure more first team appearances
Priam is the king of troy in troilus and cressida
Priam is killed in front of his son and household gods
Priam is suffering
Priam is the only one who has suffered more than achilles
Priam is one of the most appropriate tool able to respond to a growing demand of tracing

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