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Googlism comments

Putt is difference at
Putt is for
Putt is a character from humongous entertainment
Putt is back
Putt is pleased that you provided enough information from which to deduce likely causes and eliminate unlikely causes
Putt is gratified that you have made some improvement and that his previous advice has proven efficacious
Putt is a beautifully maintained 18 hole golf course designed to be exciting and easy to play
Putt is made
Putt is because they don't know how to properly determine the 'absolute' line of Putt or target line to the center of the
Putt is
Putt is a simple yet effective training aid developed to enable golfers of all levels to achieve this result easily with a minimum of practice
Putt is imagining
Putt is simple
Putt is created to produce a close impression of golf indoor
Putt is leading the industry in installing synthetic Putting green systems
Putt is officially licensed by the california state contractors board for the installation of synthetic products
Putt is involved in another adventure and needs your help
Putt is for pansies
Putt is missed to the low side
Putt is exactly 14 inches in length and 3 inches wide
Putt is a late elizabethan and jacobean game favored by card sharks
Putt is all about and we want to make sure that core message is conveyed
Putt is completely free
Putt is the adorable purple car who is featured in a number of adventures
Putt is a proven winner at any event
Putt is uphill
Putt is longer than the backswing
Putt is less than 5 feet the carbon material used in the Putters allows
Putt is a wildlife and nature artist who grew up in the small
Putt is the ordinary rooking game of every place
Putt is a timeless classic
Putt is on the right side of stone drive
Putt is a name brand
Putt is the most important of all your throws
Putt is a fun software companion
Putt is approved by pga tour partners
Putt is straight before you hit it
Putt is the first commercialy available variety and is a product of 30 years of breeding work at the university of minnesota
Putt is a little bit uphill and breaks a little bit left is a recipe for a tentative stroke and a missed Putt
Putt is so close
Putt is one of the sad but inevitable factors of golf
Putt is difference at black diamond
Putt is a lovable little purple convertible with a go
Putt is an effective way to control the speed of the downhill Putt
Putt is perfect for his age
Putt is worth 2/3 of the pot
Putt is when it doesn't go in
Putt is one of the most important shots of the game
Putt is located at the intersection of rollins ave
Putt is any throw that you think will be your last shot at the basket
Putt is a match for no one
Putt is a Putt is a Putt if the ball was on the green before the stroke was taken
Putt is against the grain and runs relatively slowly
Putt is different depending on distance and the amount of correction that is needed
Putt is achieved when the disc is actually in the basket
Putt is a skill based
Putt is an easy variation of golf
Putt is as good as your best chip"
Putt is the ocassional mini
Putt is a variation of the cluck
Putt is a fellow of the engineering institute of canada
Putt is simply selecting the optimum location
Putt is a little
Putt is always there
Putt is the only club in the locality which organises competitions every week of the year
Putt is a shorter form of golf
Putt is close enough to the hole to be conceded
Putt is straight or breaks right or left
Putt is only a foot or two away
Putt is to go back through your routine
Putt is a breath of fresh air
Putt is a spunky animated purple convertible who guides children through this highly interactive story
Putt is raring to go and so will the children
Putt is enough of an aberration that to allow for anything worse on a single hole would
Putt is the flagship title of the company
Putt is too limited and basic to appeal to most people
Putt is back in another great interactive logic adventure by humongous entertainment
Putt is back in another great interactive logic adventure for kids 3
Putt is a great pair of glasses to train you to Putt like a professional golfer
Putt is a member of grace baptist church
Putt is a few degrees off in direction control
Putt is measured and the total measurements of all the team members will be the team score
Putt is for you
Putt is of a shorter distance and therefore
Putt is entered into the race

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