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Googlism comments

Qotsa is a muso band
Qotsa is a veritable rock n' roll a
Qotsa is something totally different from what we're use to listen
Qotsa is a muso band a band for musicians and those who have listened to too much music
Qotsa is often lumped into the catchall category of metal with a 70s fuzz pedal
Qotsa is in europe right now
Qotsa is no
Qotsa is awesome and terribly underrated
Qotsa is what grunge should have been
Qotsa is een moddervette plaat
Qotsa is playing at the 9
Qotsa is unlike any other band
Qotsa is the addition of dave grohl on drums
Qotsa is essentially a duo
Qotsa is about to sign a deal with an unnamed major label
Qotsa is on a
Qotsa is mostly synonymous with power chords
Qotsa is an excptional group of musicians
Qotsa is a refreshing breath
Qotsa is the best band since led zeppelin
Qotsa is a band with an everchanging lineup
Qotsa is hell on earth
Qotsa is more than the sum of its parts
Qotsa is filled in nicely by mark lanegan and former
Qotsa is sure to confound your expectations
Qotsa is evident in a lot of the tracks
Qotsa is helping to lead
Qotsa is the sort of person who simply doesn't need to bullshit;
Qotsa is the sort of person who simply doesn't need to bullshit; homme is one of the most respected
Qotsa is sold out for rock city and i didnt get a ticket =
Qotsa is capable of
Qotsa is going to dig this album
Qotsa is fresh
Qotsa is one of rock's best bands right now
Qotsa is reeeal good rock and roll
Qotsa is the best thing that ever happened to this world
Qotsa is the most kick ass band of the modern day
Qotsa is classic fast
Qotsa is on every single one of them
Qotsa is heading out with fellow interscope powerhouse phenoms and you will know us by the trail of dead in addition to the exotic trash
Qotsa is a fansite devoted to queens of the stone age
Qotsa is a very different band and i know a lot of people wanted to see dave back behind the kit because he's a great drummer but it didn't in any way take
Qotsa is about
Qotsa is playing with a different band on sept
Qotsa is the kind of rock band that used to exist
Qotsa is up there with the best in rock history to me
Qotsa is back the studio right now
Qotsa is much more
Qotsa is basically an evolved form of homme's earlier band
Qotsa is in a strange way related
Qotsa is horrible live
Qotsa is het slimste jongetje uit de metal
Qotsa is my vote for thinking mans band of the
Qotsa is bekender en groter enzo
Qotsa is on the road with the hot austin punk
Qotsa is playing a solo acoustic show tonight at the barfly acoustic @ enterprise
Qotsa is on letterman tonite
Qotsa is just my current favorite band
Qotsa is one of those exceptions
Qotsa is a bumpy rumbling trip to the outer constellations fuelled by addictive hooks
Qotsa is looking further than his own nose
Qotsa is a sweet band
Qotsa is having an effect on dave
Qotsa is all about
Qotsa is goooooood
Qotsa is having one of the few bands i like more then them open for them
Qotsa is all of the members of kyuss
Qotsa is damn fine
Qotsa is receiving
Qotsa is hosting "the rock show" on mtv2 at 6pm et
Qotsa is brilliant
Qotsa is alright
Qotsa is dave grohl's
Qotsa is they don't care
Qotsa is hardly a family name
Qotsa is that
Qotsa is all that is worthy
Qotsa is the most overrated rock band ever
Qotsa is comprised of ex

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