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Googlism comments

Raik is dead
Raik is presented for her apprenticeship an apprentice is presented for the approval of the guildmasters
Raik is out of the way
Raik is especially interested in psychosocial issues as they relate to the medical problems of older adults
Raik is a researcher at the computer engineering department
Raik is a research scientist focusing on the human dimensions of wildlife management in new york state
Raik is estonian
Raik is working on trophies
Raik is an old scots word that was often applied to an extent of grazing for sheep or cattle but in this context may have been applied to land where wild boars
Raik is able to pose serious ethical questions
Raik is Raik
Raik is auch ma da *schön* hast hoffentlich gut geschlafen?
Raik is only correct when the tongue
Raik is great

Nickname Raik

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