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Googlism comments

Rayzor is the rembrandt of radio" adweek
Rayzor is a joy to work with in the studio
Rayzor is based upon
Rayzor is designed to sit in the bottom of your pocket and does not have a pocket clip except by special order
Rayzor is quickly living up to his name
Rayzor is equipped with high
Rayzor is also responsible for introducing the band to it's long
Rayzor is the ultimate team enforcer
Rayzor is mine
Rayzor is again the
Rayzor is ranked 92 and has played for 13h18m in 14 days real name
Rayzor is
Rayzor is ranked 24 and has played for 1h58m in 50 days
Rayzor is back
Rayzor is one of the true warriors of the game
Rayzor is down with pain
Rayzor is ranked 154 and has played for 16m in 30 days real name
Rayzor is ranked 145 and has played for 4h31m in 40 days real name

Nickname Rayzor

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