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Googlism comments

Reiji is stupid""
Reiji is seriously disliked by his younger brother
Reiji is a crooked
Reiji is a very powerful politician who would do just about anything to achieve his goals
Reiji is his older brother
Reiji is omi's uncle
Reiji is ouka's father
Reiji is the altogether scary and relatively evil crime lord of japan
Reiji is a corrupt politician running for the prime minister in tokyo
Reiji is the uncle of omi
Reiji is not the only evil person in the takatori family
Reiji is a pseudonym and means something like "zero warrior"
Reiji is someone who appears on every volume of the manga
Reiji is the ability to find imbalances in the body
Reiji is simply an intuitive knowing that happens in the moment
Reiji is the ability of the reiki practitioner to allow their hands to move or be drawn to the area of that body that needs healing
Reiji is the person who ran over aya's sister and caused her to become unconscious
Reiji is what seki isn't
Reiji is aegis's most powerful enemy
Reiji is kei's father
Reiji is
Reiji is a workhorse looking for a title
Reiji is a great driver
Reiji is kaworu nagisa's
Reiji is taken care of
Reiji is seen running away
Reiji is sometimes in a different part of the
Reiji is more or less done
Reiji is something you develop in the course of practicing reiki
Reiji is thinking and planning on doing
Reiji is a loser
Reiji is trying to take the crown from the current king
Reiji is connecting to the reiki energy and being a clear channel for the reiki energy and saying a prayer for the well
Reiji is dead?*** game date
Reiji is known for his spectacular drawings of machines
Reiji is your otosan
Reiji is paying for everything
Reiji is going to be antsy that his sonŐs body turned up
Reiji is my favorite
Reiji is working with sho and kyon to figure out why arcana are disappearing
Reiji is now known as springykirby
Reiji is there to lend a patient ear
Reiji is my #1 result
Reiji is ex
Reiji is suddenly thrown into another world where he takes part in a tournment for dragon trainers
Reiji is a high school students who is rather dull
Reiji is still talking
Reiji is special to you
Reiji is standing by the table
Reiji is elected to be the prime minister
Reiji is badly affected by his daughter's death and vents it on schuldich and farferello by giving them both a bad thrashing
Reiji is killed
Reiji is another
Reiji is dead and my sister run along in a kimono again
Reiji is the supreme bad guy in this story
Reiji is going to be antsy that his son's body turned up
Reiji is the future grandfather of the d class descendants in the 22nd century
Reiji is aya's obsession and masafumi and hirofumi are Reiji's sons
Reiji is practically drooling
Reiji is about to get away on the helicopter
Reiji is in rp right now

Nickname Reiji

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