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Googlism comments

Rommy is limited to turning through multiples of 90 degrees
Rommy is
Rommy is made of?? on 1/31/2001 3
Rommy is 33 days away from certain execution
Rommy is a modern batik artist who has been exhibiting and teaching batik in jojgakarta
Rommy is one of
Rommy is one
Rommy is an on screen simulation of a programmable floor toy
Rommy is working at marketing the commercial end and
Rommy is a halfsister of warn and one of the last baby's of doet
Rommy is now a catholic because lord pumblechook' the mayor of durward befriended him and got him baptised at downswater chapel in lower aichbeisey
Rommy is a transplant from hong kong that works seven days a week to ensure scrumptious
Rommy is a postdoc who recently graduated from a well known american university
Rommy is jarig
Rommy is a hundred percent rock 'n' roll
Rommy is the
Rommy is the name for a local version of blackjack
Rommy is de cd
Rommy is een geziene zanger op menig feest
Rommy is having a conversation with harper
Rommy is weder süß noch attraktiv
Rommy is new to hero's heaven
Rommy is een zanger die komt uit het hoge noorden en wel uit friesland maar toch is hij in het hele land bekend
Rommy is an
Rommy is something special
Rommy is gonna budge
Rommy is on march 20
Rommy is usually played with four decks of cards
Rommy is inmiddels geen onbekende meer in het artiestencircuit
Rommy is manchma echt net witzig
Rommy is the sexiest chick on the show and she's the hit if the show
Rommy is michael shank's new partner
Rommy is an award
Rommy is on a mission to extract an informant from a planet with vital information about the impending attack from his planet planned for "maybis"
Rommy is an on screen programmable toy
Rommy is here
Rommy is a supa liabe aus mein hof mit der i imma rollerskaten gehe und über eine bestimmte person lästern kann
Rommy is auch ma wieder was neues
Rommy is your boss reading your email?

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