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Googlism comments

Ryoko is the coolest space pirate ever
Ryoko is a space pirate who
Ryoko is for tenchi hq
Ryoko is over 5000 earth years
Ryoko is wearing tenchi's shirt/coat thingy
Ryoko is the galaxy's most wanted criminal
Ryoko is my personal favorite but just because she is
Ryoko is the galaxy's #1 space pirate
Ryoko is torn between her feelings for aeka and the psychological defenses
Ryoko is after tenchi instead of her
Ryoko is
Ryoko is wearing an outer coat over her familiar blue striped dress
Ryoko is one of the coolest characters in anime
Ryoko is always all over tenchi
Ryoko is always in fierce competition for tenchi's affections in tenchi muyo
Ryoko is a girl
Ryoko is ugly
Ryoko is Ryoko
Ryoko is my favorite character too
Ryoko is attacking tenchi his face ends up
Ryoko is probably my favorite anime character of all time
Ryoko is interrupted by ayeka
Ryoko is living at the shrine run by master tessai
Ryoko is making up her mind over whether to stay or leave is "forevermore"
Ryoko is out buying sake
Ryoko is cool and ayeka is stupid
Ryoko is clearly one of obsession
Ryoko is more worried about another thing right now
Ryoko is sooo much prettier then ayeka
Ryoko is a space pirate who was defeated by yosho nearly 700 years before her release by tenchi
Ryoko is full
Ryoko is a chamption martial artist
Ryoko is certainly an enigma
Ryoko is the coolest anime female there is
Ryoko is the most natural of the charas
Ryoko is the space pirate
Ryoko is in love with tatsuya
Ryoko is shattered when she discovers sakuya kissing tenchi
Ryoko is asked to be in the "oyster lulu" show
Ryoko is roughly introduced
Ryoko is a judo player
Ryoko is wearing a blue dress witha black scarf like a cat tail
Ryoko is the daughter of washu and has many powers
Ryoko is a rising star
Ryoko is my favorite character from tenchi muyo
Ryoko is the space pirate from tenchi muyo
Ryoko is better than ayeka
Ryoko is rather short
Ryoko is a demon that the evil kagato was controlling and using to do his evil work for him
Ryoko is always hanging all over tenchi
Ryoko is a brat but she is really in love with tenchi and would do anything to have him
Ryoko is tall
Ryoko is said to be around 700 years old
Ryoko is my favorite
Ryoko is a temperamental powerful space pirate
Ryoko is cool
Ryoko is a evil demon who has been kept in a cave near tenchi's shrine for many years for terrorizing the countryside
Ryoko is still a single
Ryoko is nor from which planet she comes from
Ryoko is a space pirate
Ryoko is an extremely powerfull space pirate who has the ability to fly
Ryoko is definitely a wild one
Ryoko is a demon
Ryoko is a major loser
Ryoko is defeated by kagato
Ryoko is alone at christmas
Ryoko is one girl you don't want to make jealous
Ryoko is actually a space pirate and the most wanted criminal in the universe
Ryoko is relaxed
Ryoko is what else but a space pirate
Ryoko is apparently frustrated with tenchi for his ancestor having locked her up in the first place
Ryoko is just one beautiful demon
Ryoko is also one of the victims that are in love with tenchi
Ryoko is trying to be a typical high school student who has
Ryoko is transported into an alternate dimension where she must battle all sorts of monsters and demons
Ryoko is drawn though
Ryoko is pretty shameless
Ryoko is normally a very laid
Ryoko is fighting yugi's henchman
Ryoko is being held in jail
Ryoko is for tenchi hq a tenchi site that supports tenchi and Ryoko
Ryoko is too mad for my poor tenchi
Ryoko is hardly your average space pirate
Ryoko is a female space pirate from the anime "tenchi muyo
Ryoko is a delicate and fragile girl with a heart filled with white
Ryoko is still my favorite
Ryoko is hers and nobody else will take her head but her
Ryoko is the most wanted criminal in the galaxy and also the daughter of washu
Ryoko is mischievous
Ryoko is one
Ryoko is ungodly strong
Ryoko is the picaresque adventuress of the 18th century swashbuckler

Nickname Ryoko

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