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Googlism comments

SAVIOLA is a regular on the fc barcelona line
SAVIOLA is fondly known in argentina
SAVIOLA is really special and ronaldinho is another outstanding young player who will do well if he is selected
SAVIOLA is only 19 and batistuta is about to retire
SAVIOLA is situated in a quiet and panoramic position
SAVIOLA is a name that is not easily forgotten in football and in cm
SAVIOLA is an ?open case
SAVIOLA is staying with river
SAVIOLA is a "pibito"
SAVIOLA is a legend
SAVIOLA is well aware
SAVIOLA is in fact a modern and dynamic dairy company directly transforming milk to grana padano and parmigiano reggiano
SAVIOLA is the best gl scorer i have seen
SAVIOLA is set to join
SAVIOLA is currently playing for argentina in the world youth championship wich the country is hosting
SAVIOLA is doing for barcelona
SAVIOLA is the baby of the team but a baby playing with big
SAVIOLA is a classic skilful south american player
SAVIOLA is a tricky forward
SAVIOLA is undoubtedly a true goal scoring machine
SAVIOLA is the next gabriel batistuta
SAVIOLA is quickly becoming one of la liga's most feared forwards
SAVIOLA is very fast and has been watched by many european clubs
SAVIOLA is to join fc barcelona
SAVIOLA is the player of all players in cm 01/02 and deserves to be named the number one player of the game
SAVIOLA is still fighting against julio cruz and claudio
SAVIOLA is a class player but he cant win la liga 4 barcelona by himself real
SAVIOLA is just at the beginning of his
SAVIOLA is hacked down; comes to nothing
SAVIOLA is a player that handles pressure well but sometimes can be let down by his temperament
SAVIOLA is the largest producer of raw particleboard in italy
SAVIOLA is a pacey
SAVIOLA is from argentina is more likely to affect his selection for the spanish world cup squad than them having a lot "up front
SAVIOLA is taken off
SAVIOLA is now officially a barca player and we're all looking forward to his being a great success for himself and for the club" said barca director
SAVIOLA is a very young player
SAVIOLA is a prolific striker
SAVIOLA is south america's hottest prospect and joined barcelona from river plate for
SAVIOLA is overcome with emotion after his first goal for fc barcelona
SAVIOLA is argentine player
SAVIOLA is class
SAVIOLA is a good player but that was not the player barca needed to sign
SAVIOLA is only 18 but he is the best player in the game
SAVIOLA is a supreme talent and the ball seems to velcro itself to his feet when in his possession
SAVIOLA is nicknamed "the rabbit" because of his slightly protruding teeth
SAVIOLA is already being dubbed the next
SAVIOLA is definitely a future number one
SAVIOLA is argentine
SAVIOLA is the latest sensation to come from argentina
SAVIOLA is argentinier
SAVIOLA is incredible
SAVIOLA is sought after by barcelona for the next season
SAVIOLA is not being sold
SAVIOLA is the new barca idol
SAVIOLA is expected to join in december with aimar to follow in june 2001
SAVIOLA is river's and no one else's
SAVIOLA is the best striker in the game
SAVIOLA is going to be a big star
SAVIOLA is 105? > crespo still plays with 64 years
SAVIOLA is estimated to be worth $22 million us with both barcelona and real madrid looking to buy him
SAVIOLA is already drawing comparisons to diego maradona
SAVIOLA is also staking a late claim
SAVIOLA is felled by helguera
SAVIOLA is playing for us and as for boca
SAVIOLA is counting on his national football team to help lift spirits back home where the country is in the grip of a
SAVIOLA is vying for the main striker role with lazio's claudio "piojo" lopez
SAVIOLA is being sued for around a million dollars by two agents claiming
SAVIOLA is only 19 but already a senior international and was the top scorer in the under
SAVIOLA is a great player
SAVIOLA is not on the first team
SAVIOLA is now 6
SAVIOLA is one of the quickest and best ball handlers in all of argentina
SAVIOLA is currently the director of advocacy
SAVIOLA is receiving his first full national team call up
SAVIOLA is hoping to win a place in
SAVIOLA is the executive director of the center for the independence of the disabled in new
SAVIOLA is the best argentinean player?
SAVIOLA is set to join barcelona
SAVIOLA is hoping to win a place in argentina's squad despite playing only a bit
SAVIOLA is the chief of the fda's vitreoretinal and extraocular devices branch
SAVIOLA is the maximum scorer of the world championship
SAVIOLA is matching vortex step for step
SAVIOLA is dan 16 jaar en 311 dagen
SAVIOLA is a player of the same

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