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Googlism comments

SEME is so strong that the teki freezes
SEME is not what derives from the dynamic movement which is generally considered as SEME
SEME is not normally depicted in english armory in the "cut from cloth" style
SEME is usually an oyaji
SEME is a
SEME is making uke moan <a href="http
SEME is the aggressor
SEME is the dominant one in the relationship
SEME is the taller of the
SEME is to break your opponents kamae or readiness
SEME is always taller than his partner
SEME is a mode of operation
SEME is one of the most good looking guys i've ever seen
SEME is a completely self
SEME is a software test engineer at microsoft corp
SEME is going to bed
SEME is now working on similar units for other long guns as well
SEME is altogether more obsessed with its own meaning and significance than considered proper for a classically memetic entity
SEME is deel van die distriksmunisipaliteit oosvaal
SEME is actualized by contextual information
SEME is the 'dominant' one
SEME is situated in the southern part of mpumalanga on the highveld
SEME is he?
SEME is the smallest unit of meaning in sign
SEME is the smallest unit of meaning in a sign
SEME is always the one of the moment
SEME is a japanese word that derives it's meaning from the verb 'SEMEru'
SEME is also very proud of the very low turnover of staff and can confidently boast that around 45% of the staff have been with the company for 10 years or more
SEME is one of the four
SEME is not nessary the older one
SEME is not learned
SEME is a minimal unit of meaning in one language; a noeme is a SEME that exists in two or more languages or in different stages of one language
SEME is more powerful than tm
SEME is the ‘top’ or dominant in the relationship
SEME is one of the busiest on the west coast
SEME is one of the "gedaref four"
SEME is the SEME because he's the SEME
SEME is what forces or
SEME is the "top" or "giver" and the uke is the "bottom" or "reciever
SEME is to the left of the x and the uke is to the right
SEME is the generic basic structural unit
SEME is visible
SEME is to be constantly applying pressure to your opponent
SEME is the temperamental idol singer while izumi the uke is the one pursuing the masculine rough sport of soccer
SEME is directed to the same target whilst kurai SEME begins at this level but then
SEME is fundamental in the tragedy as in its euripidean predecessor
SEME is the largest gland in the yaoi pairing
SEME is today almost completely unknown
SEME is true for the new states that were formerly french colonies
SEME is the connoter of the person
SEME is one thing
SEME is committed to the introduction of new technologies"
SEME is the 'top'
SEME is the male part of the relationship and uke being the more feminine side
SEME is a minimal unit of architectural text
SEME is naturally fuuma
SEME is the top one
SEME is to the left of the x sign
SEME is /not/ gonna be able to hit if every time
SEME is commonly
SEME is true in reading the bible

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