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Googlism comments

SGR is faint again
SGR is affiliated to the international network of engineers and scientists for global responsibility
SGR is trying to encourage a shift in the direction and thinking of uk science and engineering
SGR is undergoing a very bright outburst after rapid variations
SGR is a test for a telescope with an aperture of 80 mm
SGR is a predictable and
SGR is a visible star discovered in 1927
SGR is the target rate of growth for medicare spending
SGR is the target rate for medicare spending used by the hcfa to revise the physician fee schedule
SGR is dominated by a moderately old
SGR is undergoing one of its rare outbursts as indicated by the following observations
SGR is being tidally distorted and is tidally limited
SGR is concerned at what looks like a deceptive attempt to represent the protests as ill
SGR is involved with are amnesty international
SGR is still working to get students to use them
SGR is intended to control the actual growth in medicare expenditures for physicians' services
SGR is
SGR is at maximum brightness
SGR is used in combination with the medicare economic index
SGR is niet langer toegerust om tegemoet te komen aan de huidige en toekomstige eisen die aan het
SGR is unknown and
SGR is among the brightest magnetic cataclysmic vari
SGR is that they are much more achievable for most people
SGR is ra = 17h 56m 35
SGR is well known as "sakurai's object"
SGR is now in process of being swallowed by our own galaxy after complete disruption caused by galactic tides
SGR is a club that works on charitable projects in order to help needy and poverty
SGR is always accepting new submissions for the poetry dept
SGR is known to be a binary
SGR is a joint development between surrey and esa/estec
SGR is constantly conducting a toiletry drive
SGR is students for global responsibility
SGR is here so u better follow my orders dammit
SGR is here
SGR is in the studio working on the release of da click's solo project southern prayerz which is due to hit the shelves near the end of 2000
SGR is a favorite of the tla and the electric factory in philadelphia
SGR is associated
SGR is fully reprogrammable in software and firmware to provide a flexible
SGR is a direct result of the ama working with the federation
SGR is a key factor in the government's physician medicare payment update calculations
SGR is also near a massive
SGR is a growth strategy based on two assumptions
SGR is a combination of a trickling filter and a settling tank where the final discharge is a high
SGR is rewarding and offers a possible fame
SGR is consistent with the presence of three narrow lines at these expected energies
SGR is not the same as the gm SGR originally discovered by luyten in 1927
SGR is gerechtigd deze garantieregeling in overleg met de raad van toezicht te wijzigen
SGR is clearly a surprising galaxy
SGR is unchanged in the past 3 days
SGR is a debris of the lmc pulled out after a collision with the small magellanic cloud
SGR is one of a few presumably single ob stars that display non
SGR is one of a few single ob stars that display a non
SGR is added to the tin/lead bath to promote the formation of adherent
SGR is a standards
SGR is used as a target
SGR is report what activity is happening and where possible explain our theories linked with the activity
SGR is symmetric
SGR is relatively bright
SGR is about 2 arcmin
SGR is a road mapping exercise that seeks to conceptualise the most effective way of reviewing
SGR is independent of pressure and temperature during the core test
SGR is a formula
SGR is called alnasl
SGR is alles al geregeld
SGR is a top competitor in office
SGR is in outburst
SGR is not in a monotonic fading
SGR is a as high as 80 t
SGR is linked to how well the economy is doing
SGR is a slap in the face to caring
SGR is sorry to inform you the restaurant is not planned to be open at this time
SGR is located at unit 3
SGR is connected to a
SGR is interesting needs no explanation
SGR is a little guy
SGR is ideal for use with
SGR is a gaming group that has its headquarters in spokane
SGR is an m
SGR is airpark road past muncaster mill road; next intersection is rt 124

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