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Googlism comments

SHAMAN is an entlebucher sennenhund
SHAMAN is sleeping
SHAMAN is a person with the ability to access
SHAMAN is hunting caribou
SHAMAN is a ‘medicine man’ who possesses a great deal of knowledge
SHAMAN is the priest or priestess of the SHAMANic path
SHAMAN is the most prominent social and political figure in these societies
SHAMAN is the path of the self in deepest connection to nature
SHAMAN is an essential part are the native north american and native siberian belief systems
SHAMAN is a person with the ability to access experiences
SHAMAN is trying to help
SHAMAN is a medicine man
SHAMAN is a primitive mage
SHAMAN is this
SHAMAN is a person who experiences the spiritual realities or spiritual truths directly
SHAMAN is a little old guy in a grass skirt that throws spells on people and has cures for all the ills of the world but won't tell anyone what they are
SHAMAN is more powerful than the other orhe may send a spell at a time of weakness
SHAMAN is more accurate
SHAMAN is a healer but there are few SHAMANs among healers; today and even in the distant past
SHAMAN is hunting caribou 20
SHAMAN is a man or woman who enters an altered state of consciousness at will
SHAMAN is probably never the cleverest or best looking or most outstanding anything in his or her generation
SHAMAN is one of the most powerful spellcasters besides the human sorceress
SHAMAN is able to access the spirit worlds and work with the powers there; through this
SHAMAN is to be struck by lightning and survive
SHAMAN is often concerned with matters that are dark and dangerous
SHAMAN is not merely a medicine man
SHAMAN is often related to a near death experience by the person
SHAMAN is an inference engine which governs the reasoning process and the application of rules
SHAMAN is a library that provides an environment for some common c programming tasks
SHAMAN is the long awaited standard medium battlemech of the fox fusiliers
SHAMAN is provided by commentary on particular individuals
SHAMAN is the age old story of being a visionary woman
SHAMAN is a siberian word from the tungus tribe
SHAMAN is constantly moving
SHAMAN is a music group that was formed in 1990 by siblings
SHAMAN is an architecture for hierarchical management that fits naturally into the existing internet management framework employed by snmp and snmpv2
SHAMAN is a man with psychic powers and follows all such rules as laid out in the appropriate section
SHAMAN is out of ch
SHAMAN is a seeker and practitioner of knowledge
SHAMAN is "a member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between
SHAMAN is a ritual or religious specialist who is believed to be capable of communicating with spirit powers
SHAMAN is called a mu
SHAMAN is a tungis word from the evenk speaking people of siberia
SHAMAN is close to one hundred pounds and both are about 30 inches at the shoulder
SHAMAN is the healer in the community
SHAMAN is a human being that has dedicated her life to perfecting the art of weaving life
SHAMAN is dan kerzwick on vocals
SHAMAN is quite different from angra
SHAMAN is a person having special spiritual knowledge and abilities
SHAMAN is basically a cleric with added abilities from other disciplines
SHAMAN is derived from a word in the tungusu
SHAMAN is the great master of ecstasy
SHAMAN is the true witch doctor
SHAMAN is an original 3d action/adventure game that boston animation has begun developing
SHAMAN is about self
SHAMAN is one who goes into an altered state of consciousness at will
SHAMAN is advanced when you meet her
SHAMAN is the aspect of the lightworker that can communicate with earth spirits
SHAMAN is a priest
SHAMAN is these because he commands the techniques of ecstasy
SHAMAN is linked to their relationship with the spirits
SHAMAN is the central figure
SHAMAN is a decision each individual makes for themselves
SHAMAN is one who has a gift
SHAMAN is like no other bicycle on the planet
SHAMAN is an invitation to the ecstatic dance
SHAMAN is a man or woman who
SHAMAN is to fly
SHAMAN is unconscious to the ordinary world
SHAMAN is also one of the two dogs that started the shy
SHAMAN is unknown
SHAMAN is that it has to be non
SHAMAN is not just a job; it is a vocation
SHAMAN is a master of the SHAMANic abilities
SHAMAN is also the keeper of the tribe's tradition and lore
SHAMAN is an intellectual and is alienated from society
SHAMAN is kinda like that
SHAMAN is above all a connecting figure
SHAMAN is the stand out band of the "roadie crew" magazine SHAMAN is the cover article on august?s edition of the brazilian magazine roadie crew
SHAMAN is a religious specialist whose gift and whose duty it is to serve his people and his tribe by mediating between them and the otherworld
SHAMAN is filled with great joy

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