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Googlism comments

Sadus is winding up for a big explosion; new ideas with more controlled paths
Sadus is back and is offering their newest album "elements of anger"
Sadus is nooit echt uit elkaar geweest
Sadus is much bigger in europe than it is in the states
Sadus is gay
Sadus is not today the same band that created swallowed in black
Sadus is dead
Sadus is where it all began for him
Sadus is bass
Sadus is hard to
Sadus is bass pounding here
Sadus is from california
Sadus is on please
Sadus is
Sadus is a professor in the school of information technology
Sadus is guarded by a number of of his bandit friends
Sadus is next
Sadus is hiding with
Sadus is currently put on hold
Sadus is also a great bass player
Sadus is playing
Sadus is hiding with other outlaws in zaintirari
Sadus is broken up but death isn't really doing much these days either
Sadus is writing from scratch in c++

Nickname Sadus

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