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Googlism comments

Sasarai is keeping jowy a prisoner and goes to confess his feeling to him
Sasarai is portrayed as someone very old
Sasarai is a priest
Sasarai is much stronger than that dragon
Sasarai is within range
Sasarai is required to fufill the promise
Sasarai is playable
Sasarai is looking at
Sasarai is an old acquaintance of mine
Sasarai is there
Sasarai is a high priest within harmonia
Sasarai is here
Sasarai is a high priest within harmonia and also the bearer of the true earth rune
Sasarai is
Sasarai is slightly wary of this new figure
Sasarai is actually pretty scary
Sasarai is always in the room next to thomas' original room
Sasarai is komisch
Sasarai is distinctly appealing

Nickname Sasarai

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